Thursday, May 26, 2005

ABF Freight System, Inc. Premium Service Change of Operations

Affecting Locals 29, 110, 118, 170, 171, 182, 191, 251, 264, 294, 312, 317, 340, 355, 375, 384, 391, 397, 401, 429, 443, 445, 449 (Information Only), 470, 493, 529, 557, 560, 592, 597, 633, 653, 671, 687, 693, 707, 771, 773, 776, 822, and 992
ABF Freight System, Inc. Multi-Region Premium Service Change of Operations -MR-PS-CO-03-05/2005
The following is the decision from the ABF Freight System Premium Service Change of Operations MR-PS-CO-03-05/2005, which was heard at a special hearing May 17, 2005, at the Myrtle Beach Marriott at the Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach, SC.
DECISION: The Company’s proposed Premium Service Employee Workday/Workweek Agreement (PSE) Change of Operations is approved as modified and clarified by the parties on the record with the following provisions:
1. The request of the New York State Local unions to have functioning air conditioners in all PSE equipment is approved.
2. Based on the request of the various Local Unions for the Company to provide PSE sign-in and sign-out sheets at touch terminals is approved.
3. The request of Local 776 to have all PSE hostling performed by Local 776 employees is specifically denied. However, this provision is not intended to allow a PSE employee to perform any hostling of core business equipment, and there shall be no reduction of present hostler bids.
4. There shall be no interlining of PSE business with a nonunion carrier.
5. The issues relative to layoffs that were raised by the New England Local Unions must be resolved prior to implementation, and a copy of the resolution is to be provided to the Co-Chairmen.
6. The document entitled “ABF Freight System, Inc. Premium Service Employee Workday/Workweek Agreement” executed by the Company and the Union on behalf of TNFINC and the Eastern Region Local Unions is incorporated in this decision by reference.
7. Approval of this PSE Change of Operations is not intended to violate any provision of the NMFA and the Letter of Understanding relative to Article 18 and the applicable supplemental agreements.
8. Implementation shall not be sooner than May 29, 2005.

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