Tuesday, September 27, 2005

DHL drivers strike to 'stay union'

About 20 DHL Express delivery drivers picketed the West Kelso station Wednesday, saying they are striking to retain their Teamsters-negotiated wages and resist becoming lower-paid independent contractors."We want to stay union," said driver Toni Hiles. Full story here.......http://www.tdn.com/articles/2005/09/22/area_news/news05.txt


Anonymous said...

Profit over people. Stay together and inform one another in both the union an the non-union too. People need to know the full story!

toni hiles said...

I am the Toni Hiles of this story and I just want the world to know that the TEAMSTERS sold us out!! Evidently only 20 people weren't going to bring enough money in to the Teamsters for them to give a damn about us. They called off the strike and we all had to move on. Another contracter came in and took over the operation and would only hire back about 3 or 4 of us and since I was the one screaming most about staying union they said they did not want me. I moved on to another job and am so much happier (not union). I was raised union and have always been for union but I have to say that this sure made me see the union in a whole other way, I think that they are all about money and politics and they don't care about the people. Too bad for them, my grandpa's union would be ashamed.

Toni Hiles