Monday, October 31, 2005

FedEx to pay $500,000 to settle racial-bias claim

FedEx Freight East will pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over allegations the company discriminated against black dockworkers in St. Louis, the EEOC said last week.
FedEx Freight East is a subsidiary of Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp., which acquired American Freightways in 2001. A spokesman for Fedex Freight East declined to comment immediately.
The EEOC sued in 2003 on behalf of 20 blacks who worked for American Freightways Inc. at the time of the alleged bias. The EEOC said blacks were denied promotions from part-time to full-time jobs at the company’s trucking terminal in St. Louis. Another was denied promotion to a supervisory position.
When the suit was filed in September 2003, attorney Jerome Dobson said the lapses had significant effects on black workers who were seeking more hours, better routes and pay, and promotion opportunities. Meanwhile, he said, white workers “leapfrogged” over the black workers.
Six black dockworkers joined in the lawsuit and the settlement. In addition to the $500,000 settlement, which must still be approved by the U.S. District Court, FedEx will be required to report on promotions to full-time dockworker positions and to dock supervisor positions.

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Anonymous said...

i worked with those useless pieces of crap. they were just looking for some money. none of that crap happened. fedex settled to keep the name out of the paper. pissed me off