Friday, January 13, 2006

Roadway Express Receives Patent for Sealed Divider Service

The United States Patentand Trademark Office has granted a patent for Roadway Sealed Divider Service.Available only from Roadway Express, this innovative service provides completeprotection and verifiable security for customers' goods during transit. "Roadway Sealed Divider Service was developed to address specific customerneeds, such as safe transport of fragile products and verifiable security tomeet new, stricter government regulations. We are proud to be the onlyprovider to offer a patented solution for shipment protection and security tothe marketplace," said Roadway President and CEO Mike Smid. "Roadway SealedDivider Service is just one example of our efforts to provide personalizedsolutions, fast responses and flexible service to our customers. Weconstantly innovate to meet the needs of our customers," added Smid. "It isgratifying to see this particular innovation acknowledged by the granting of apatent." Roadway Sealed Divider Service features a numbered rod-lock seal system.This seal system verifies a shipment travels undisturbed from pickup todelivery. At the time of pickup, a shipment moving under Roadway Sealed DividerService is isolated in the nose of a trailer by a customized barrierconstructed behind it. The barrier creates a protected environment for theshipment and prevents mingling with other shipments on the trailer. Twonumbered rod lock seals secure the barrier. The seal numbers are recorded on aplacard and the freight bill. Once sealed on a Roadway trailer, the shipmentis not touched until arrival at its final destination. At delivery, thereceiver compares the seal numbers to the numbers on the placard and freightbill. The matching numbers verify the shipment traveled undisturbed. Roadway Sealed Divider Service is ideal for products that are difficult orexpensive to package for shipping, are of high value, or need verifiablesecurity throughout transit. Companies from a wide range of industries -- frompharmaceuticals to furniture to electronics -- benefit from the secureshipping environment Sealed Divider Service provides. Roadway is the only transportation provider to use a numbered rod-lockseal system to secure a shipment. Sealed Divider Service (U.S. Patent No.6981828) gives Roadway customers a level of protection unique to themarketplace. Furthermore, a customer pays only for the space the shipmentoccupies within the trailer. Roadway Sealed Divider Service is a cost-effective solution for customers who need extra protection and verifiablesecurity for their shipment of raw materials or finished goods. For an on-line demo of Roadway Sealed Divider Service, visit , and click on the see-through trailer image inthe middle right of the screen.

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