Thursday, January 25, 2007

UPS Strike Rumors False

January 24, 2007

The following is a statement from Ken Hall, Director of the Teamsters Parcel and Small Package Division and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee:

"It has come to my attention that there are rumors circulating that a Teamsters strike at UPS is imminent. These rumors are false. We are in the process of negotiating the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement that covers more than 200,000 Teamsters at UPS. We have begun negotiations early so that we can address the critical issues facing our members, and we are doing that now. The current contract does not expire until August 1, 2008 and the provisions of that agreement will remain in effect until that time, including the mutual commitment of the parties not to interrupt operations by either a strike or lockout. We are also in the process of negotiating a first contract for 125 workers at UPS Freight-formerly Overnite Transportation-in Indianapolis. The negotiations process is continuing and nothing has occurred that would give the Union reason to consider taking economic action."

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