Monday, July 23, 2007

UPS Freight Talks Move On To Economics

Union, Company to Resume Negotiations in Indianapolis

After reaching agreement in June on nearly a dozen additional articles relating to non-economic working conditions, UPS Freight talks resume the week of July 23 and economic issues are expected to be introduced at the table.

"We look forward to bringing the next phase of bargaining to Indianapolis. We are hopeful that our efforts bring us closer to achieving a contract for the 125 UPS Freight workers there," said Ken Hall, Director of the Teamsters Parcel and Small Package Division and co-chairman of the Teamsters' UPS Freight Negotiating Committee.

"It's been a lengthy process, but we have come to a tentative agreement on many articles dealing with the Indy group's working conditions, and now it's time to focus on wages, pension and health care benefits," said Gordon Sweeton, Assistant Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division who also serves as co-chairman of the committee.

The union intends for the Indianapolis agreement for the drivers and dockworkers represented by Local 135 to serve as a model contract, one that will answer the questions the remaining UPS Freight workers around the country have about joining the Teamsters.

"We know that UPS Freight workers across the country are following these talks with great interest, especially given the recent headlines made when UPS Freight sent letters to their workforce," Hall said. "The Teamsters are remaining focused on what we have to do: deliver a strong contract for Indianapolis that will demonstrate to the entire UPS Freight workforce what kinds of improvements can be made with a union."

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