Friday, November 09, 2007

Leaders Make Progress at Freight Supplement Talks

National Proposal-Exchange Set For November 26

Teamster leaders made significant progress in October during negotiations involving supplements as the union prepares to exchange national contract proposals with the bargaining arm of the unionized general freight trucking industry.

"The leaders from freight local unions accomplished a great deal during October, giving us strong momentum in the 2008 National Master Freight Agreement negotiations," said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. "However, some supplemental issues need to be resolved in the coming weeks."

The union is scheduled to exchange national contract proposals on November 26 with Trucking Management, Inc., (TMI), the primary multi-employer bargaining arm of the unionized freight trucking industry.

"We will exchange national proposals once the major supplemental issues are resolved," Johnson said.

As talks proceed, the union’s goals include increasing job security, securing members’ pensions, and health and welfare benefits, and creating more Teamster freight jobs.

"Our members have done a great job giving us input through the contract surveys and local union meetings," Johnson said. "We wouldn’t be this far along without our members’ help, and we will be calling for their help and support throughout the negotiations. Together, we will negotiate supplements and a national contract that will give our members and their families a brighter future."

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