Sunday, July 20, 2008

YRC's in for the long haul

Roadway parent believes it has found solution to ever-increasing problems of trucking business

Start with national diesel fuel prices north of $4.80 a gallon. Combine with large trucks that get no more than six miles per gallon even with a strong tail wind as they regularly crisscross North America.

Drizzle heavily with a slow economy that's caused customers to cut back on shipping out finished products from the factory floor as well as bringing in fewer parts and raw materials.

And sprinkle with competitors who largely don't have to deal with higher-paid union workers and contract work rules.

Welcome to YRC Worldwide Inc.'s ever-changing trucking world.

The owner of Akron-based Roadway thinks it has come up with its own recipe for success to address industrywide transportation problems: the Velocity Network.

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