Tuesday, September 29, 2009

YRC Worldwide's Gilbert Retires

Garcia restructures sales operations as carrier strives to win back customers

YRC Worldwide is continuing an executive restructuring alongside “workforce adjustments” as it attempts to stave off bankruptcy and return to profitability.

Terrence M. Gilbert, a senior vice president and former president of Roadway Express, retired Sept. 25 after 30 years with Roadway and YRC Worldwide.

As chief sales and marketing officer, Gilbert helped integrate the sales teams of Yellow Transportation and Roadway as the carriers were merged to form national less-than-truckload carrier YRC earlier this year.

The company is also eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs.

“The company continues to make workforce adjustments across the company in response to economic conditions affecting business volumes,” YRCW said in a statement.

John A. Garcia, executive vice president and chief sales officer, heads YRC’s sales efforts. He joined YRC this June after a stint as chief marketing officer for Sprint Nextel.

Greg Reid, executive vice president, remains chief marketing officer, and will take on responsibility for YRC’s largest corporate accounts. Craig Tallman, a senior vice president and corporate sales executive, will lead the field sales organization.

Garcia's organization will play a critical role in rebuilding YRC's business, which has suffered this year as shippers concerned about a potential bankruptcy shifted freight to competitors.

“The modifications are an advancement of the functional organizational structure introduced in June across YRC Worldwide to streamline decision-making, eliminate duplicate efforts and costs,” Garcia said in a memo to YRC Worldwide employees.

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