Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teamsters, ABF Not in Concession Talks

Statement by National Freight Director Tyson Johnson

There is an erroneous media report that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters National Freight Division is in negotiations with ABF that would result in concessions for our members represented under the National Master Freight Agreement. Let me be clear -- this report is false.

According to a November 17 article on the Journal of Commerce website titled "Trucker ABF, Teamsters in Concession Talks" ABF Chief Operating Officer Wesley Kemp stated that the Teamsters and ABF are in a concessionary "dialogue and hopefully we will reach an agreement soon." In fact, we are not having contract or concession discussions with the company.

I have contacted ABF and demanded that they correct the record.


Anonymous said...

CF to ABF. I have been a member of the union for twenty years and watched the direction it has taken. Very dissapointed to say the least. From the local level to the national. The last contract was very disturbing to me. ABF employees were kept in the dark by the union and Tyson. Treated like we didn't need to know ABF's concerns or proposals. Jammed the NMFA(yrcw contract)down our throats. From what I have seen I would lean toward believing Wes Kemp.

SLC Teamster/222

Anonymous said...

Strange that ABF has been talking about the fact that they have been talking to the union for months. And Johnson just realized this???!!! I don't think so! The IBT are looking pretty bad right now. How embarrassing for us teamsters.

Anonymous said...

Hang in their abf employees as a just laid off YRC driver its only a short time and YRC will be by by.Then you can go after their 5 or 6 accounts they had left .