Sunday, November 01, 2009

YRC Worldwide Works to Reduce Customer Losses

New shippers, existing customers help balance 'leaking business,' Zollars says

YRC Worldwide is still losing business, but it's gaining new customers as well, leading to "stabilization" of its customer base and improved yields, top company officials say.

"We've got new customers coming on board all the time," Chairman, President and CEO William D. Zollars said in an Oct. 30 conference call with analysts.

"We've also got a very stable base of customers that have not left and are still doing business with us," Zollars said. He said, however, that "it's a mixed bag," admitting "we have customers that are leaking business and have moved away from us."

His observation supports anecdotal reports from shippers, consultants and analysts that YRC Worldwide has stemmed the exodus of large shippers who fled the company late last year and early this year amid speculation that YRC might shut down and the integration of Roadway and Yellow Transportation. Full Story......

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