Monday, December 28, 2009

UPS trucker is Roadshow's Dream Driver for 2009

Thirty years ago at his high school in Scotts Valley, Dan Casas picked a bad day to go hot-rodding out of the parking lot in his 1968 Mustang, spinning dirt everywhere. His father, a CHP officer, happened to be driving up, and Dan was busted big-time.

His car keys were taken away for 30 days. Even worse, his mother drove him to school in a pink Chevy, honking her horn in the drop-off spot to broadcast his shame to all. "That was pretty rough for a high schooler," he said.

Dan learned his lesson, and then some. Today the 47-year-old Aptos big-rig driver — a model of carefulness, courtesy and kindness behind the wheel — is the winner of Mr. Roadshow's annual Dream Driver contest.

"This is very cool," said Casas, who drives a UPS truck between Salinas and Fresno. "As a professional driver, I am very honored."

Casas was nominated by his wife, Joy, who said, "It is hard to talk about him without mentioning driving. It is what he does and loves." Full Story.....

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