Thursday, April 08, 2010

Teamsters, ABF to begin contract talks today

Negotiations will center on possible wage, benefit concessions by the 7,000 Teamster members employed at ABF.

The Teamsters union and less-than-truckload carrier ABF Freight System will begin contract negotiations today to discuss possible wage and benefit concessions by the approximately 7,000 Teamster members employed at ABF.

In a communiqué posted April 6 on the Teamsters' Web site, the union said it planned to "exchange information" with ABF on April 7 with the intent of beginning contract talks the following day. Full Story......

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Anonymous said...

Ok time to get nasty now,,,,,why was there a Union meeting a few weeks ago to ask there members about cut backs from ABF....when it was clearly stated that Locals all agreed not to open up this contract for another 3 years.......Union stewards called other Locals on there own time and got the same answer from other Union stewards around the world and now this???? Looks like a deal has been in the making for awhile now and it doesn't care about what we say.....GREED and money under the table to make deals and screw the hard working men and women that make the Teamsters what they are today........WAKE UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND VOTE NO!!!!!!! ABF WILL MAKE MONEY THIS YEAR THEY WANT TO MAKE A FAST DEAL HERE TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD FOR THEM AND SCREW US! VOTE NO!!!!! AND I HATE TO SAY THIS TOO BUT THE UNION DOES WHAT THEY WANT TO DO AND NOT WHAT US THE PEOPLE WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!! (((VOTE NO TO ANY KICKBACKS)))