Tuesday, December 14, 2010

YRC Celebrates 25 Years of Providing Trade Show and Exhibit Services

Shipments have changed over the years; expectations remain the same

YRC still provides industry's only inbound guarantee on all tradeshow shipments

This year YRC celebrates its 25th anniversary of providing trade show and exhibit services. During those 25 years, the company estimates it has delivered about 5 million exhibit shipments, weighing a collective 2.1 trillion pounds, to approximately 175,000 trade shows.

"Those aren't just numbers to our exhibit services team," says Bill Schwar, YRC director of exhibit sales and operations. "Each shipment we move, no matter what size, no matter what show, is critically important to our customers: They need their tradeshow shipments delivered on time and intact, so they can sell their products."

Schwar says tradeshow shipments have changed over the years, with a noticeable reduction in weight.

"Rather than shipping heavy crates and booths, tradeshow customers today are more likely to ship lightweight materials," says Schwar. "But customer expectations remain the same. And, after 25 years, YRC is still the only carrier in the industry that offers a guarantee on all inbound shipments and the patented protection of Sealed Exhibit."

"Service offerings aren't all that set the company apart," said Mike Smid, president of YRC and chief operations officer of YRC Worldwide. "YRC has more than 20 exhibit managers in key locations around the United States, so we're on site at most of the big shows. We're there, working with the general service contractors, to make sure exhibit shipments move in and out on time. Over the years, we've seen what a difference that makes for our customers. We congratulate the YRC exhibit team on their 25th anniversary and look forward to ongoing success in the years ahead."

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Steven said...

How can YRC celebrate 25 years of anything when YRC has only been in business for 1.5 years?