Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holland Announces Driver Hiring Initiative

Holland, a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc., today announced plans to hire nearly 1,000 drivers this year. Building on strong 4th quarter performance, the company is preparing for further increases in shipments.

"We're excited at Holland to see that our volumes are building as customers experience the quality service that our team delivers every day," said Holland President Jeff Rogers. "We have a great team at Holland and our drivers are champions of safety and customer service. We are the on-time carrier and our professional drivers are at the forefront of that commitment to our customers," added Rogers.

Drivers interested in applying to join the Holland team should visit www.yrcw.com. Click on the Careers link and select Holland from the drop-down company box. The search functions will guide you through available opportunities at Holland service centers in the Midwest and Southeast.

Herschel Evans, a Holland city driver from Atlanta and former winner of the Five-Axle Class at the National Truck Driving Championships, summed up the opportunity to join the Holland team this way: "Holland is a premier customer service carrier. For 17 years I have been a part of a team that is focused on quality service and on-time delivery. My father was a mechanic in the industry and I followed in his footsteps to become a driver. I enjoy every day of my job as part of the Holland team."

Holland currently has approximately 1,700 over-the-road drivers. Among these, more than 450 have driven one million accident-free miles and nearly 100 have driven 2 million accident-free miles. Holland also has approximately 5,000 city drivers. A great majority of the Holland drivers have been with the company between 5 and 20 years.

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