Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ten YRC Worldwide Drivers Reach Safety Milestone of Four-Million Accident-Free Miles

YRC Worldwide Inc. is proud to announce that 10 of its active professional drivers have surpassed four million miles of accident-free driving. All 10 drivers are with YRC, the largest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide. The drivers are:

Danny Ambrose, Tuttle, Okla.
Joe Brown, Memphis, Tenn.
Dennis Caldwell, Altoona, Iowa
Horace Crouch, Newark, Texas
Bobby Elrod, Chickamauga, Ga.
Royal Lincoln, Montgomery, Ill.
Thomas McClain, Toledo, Ohio
Paul Russell, Memphis, Tenn.
Robert Seeman, Lake Park, Ga.
Richard Shreiner, Manheim, Pa.

"Most American passenger vehicles log about 12,000 miles a year," said Mike Smid, president-YRC Inc. and chief operations officer-YRC Worldwide. "Each of these gentlemen drives nine to 10 times that much every year, over careers that span 30 to 40 years, all without preventable accidents."

YRC Worldwide emphasizes safety in the workplace and on the road. Its Million Mile Award Program recognizes drivers who achieve significant driving milestones without preventable accidents. Currently, the company has nearly 2,500 active drivers with one million miles or more; nearly 600 drivers who have achieved two million miles or more; over 70 drivers with three million miles or more; and one driver with over five million miles of accident-free driving. Driving one million miles is equivalent to about two round trips to the moon.

"Thousands of drivers have chosen to make a professional career at YRC and these million milers are great representatives of the YRC team," adds Smid. "We strive to create a rewarding work environment that helps our drivers deliver on safety. These drivers are leaders in highway safety and customer service and have delivered on that commitment mile after mile, year after year."

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