Monday, May 09, 2011

Teamsters, safety groups open campaign against extra-large trucks

Calling them a safety hazard to drivers on the nation’s roads, the Teamsters and several safety groups and advocates opened a campaign against the truck lobby’s plans to put extra-large rigs on U.S. roads.

Teamsters President James Hoffa, longtime safety advocate Joan Claybrook, former House Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar of Minnesota and their allies aim to stop the 97,000-pound double- and triple-tractor-trailers from roaming the highways.

Their drive is fueled by a combination of economics – the big rigs rip up roads, which are expensive to repair – and personal tragedies: Stories from relatives of dead motorists who lost loved ones in big-rig crashes. “When I look in the rear view mirror, I don’t want to see that big thing” with a tired driver “bearing down on me,” Hoffa added. Full Story..........

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