Friday, December 23, 2011


A Message from Jim Hoffa, General President

General Secretary-Treasurer Tom Keegel and I would like to wish a happy holiday season to our Teamster brothers and sisters throughout North America.

During these difficult economic times, Teamsters continued to work hard, negotiate great contracts and organize thousands of new Teamsters. I’m confident 2012 has great things in store for us, but it’s not going to be an easy year. There are still plenty of lawmakers at the state and national level that want to eliminate unions—some of them are even running for president.

This year started with a bang. As a new wave of conservative lawmakers took office, they wasted no time attempting to gut the hard-earned benefits and rights of union members.

At every turn, Teamsters stood strong. We stood up to Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, we stood up for Occupy Wall Street and we kept pressure on Congress to curb the excesses of Wall Street.

In 2012, we may have to work even harder.

I know the Teamsters Union and you, our members, are ready for the fight. We are proud to stand with you as we fight for fair wages, solid benefits, a safe work environment, a secure retirement and social justice. At this time of year, when many of us spend the holidays with loved ones, we realize just how important our struggle is.

On behalf of the General Executive Board, we wish Teamsters, their families and workers everywhere a warm holiday season and a 2012 filled with health, success and justice.

In solidarity,

Jim Hoffa, General President

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