Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New name, logo and emphasis at trucking giant YRC

Overland Park trucker to be focusing more on long-haul deliveries

Overland Park trucking giant YRC Worldwide Inc. is bringing “freight” back to its long-haul trucking business.

Starting today, YRC Inc. will go by YRC Freight as part of an effort to return to the basics of long-haul trucking.

“It’s connecting who we are and what we do with the name,” YRC Freight President Jeff Rogers said.

The heir of the familiar Yellow Freight and operator of Roadway Express since 2003 has been running America’s roads as simply YRC.

The rebranding follows last year’s difficult financial restructuring and coincides with operational changes the company plans to make in April. Those changes will relocate dozens of jobs within YRC Freight and change some of the jobs in Kansas City.  Full Story............

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