Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today said the House of Representatives should stop stalling and pass the Senate’s surface transportation bill. The House is considering a 60-day extension.

“We need more than another eight weeks of uncertainty about our long-term transportation needs,” Hoffa said. “The American people don’t need more deadlock in Congress, they need good jobs. We need to rebuild and repair our roads and bridges, and we need to do it with American workers and American materials.”

The House remains deadlocked while the Senate recently passed a surface transportation bill by a vote of 74-22. The Senate bill, which is fully paid for, maintains current funding for highways and public transportation, consolidates two-thirds of all highway programs, eliminates earmarks, establishes a national freight program and improves safety. The House bill rolls back safety and worker health protections.

Unless Congress passes another extension by Friday night, the current surface transportation program expires, putting 3 million jobs at risk.

“Passing the Senate bill will help speed our economic recovery, improve safety and create 3 million jobs that American workers desperately need,” Hoffa said.

“America’s working families deserve better than obstructionist politicians who ignore their needs,” Hoffa said. “Members of Congress need to come together and work to solve our country problems, including unacceptable levels of unemployment and failing infrastructure.”

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