Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trucker racks up 3 million miles of accident-free driving

Trucker Don Cook has driven more than 3 million miles without an accident

Don Cook's new leather jacket has a patch that says "Three Million Miles Safe Driving," and this is not an ambition but an achievement in his nearly four-decade career as a truck driver.

He has driven that far — the equivalent of 6.3 round trips to the moon — without an accident. Farther, actually, as he has driven many hundreds more miles since reaching the mark a few weeks ago.

He hasn't done it on big, lightly trafficked interstate highways of the South and West. No, Cook's routes take him into New England at the height of winter and, heaven help him, the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, where driving is a mad and dangerous dash at any time of year.

"When you go across the George Washington Bridge, if they're driving like nut cases, you gotta do the same," Cook told me the other morning when I stopped at his workplace — the YRC Freight terminal on Brodhead Road in Bethlehem Township — to talk about his extraordinary stretch of safe driving.

For his success, YRC presented him with the jacket and with something a lot more substantial than that — a truck tractor of his own. It has his name on it and no one else can drive it. Trucking companies appreciate safe drivers, because they put a shine on the corporate reputation and, of course, preserve the bottom line. Even minor accidents can be expensive.  Full Story with Video.........


Anonymous said...

Well Roadway driver has driven equivalent of 6.3 round trips to the moon — without an accident and we congradulate him for that . But you have to remember that this 6.3 million miles was four lane interstate miles.

Back when truck drivers were truck drivers where the company trucks did not have air conditioned cabs and all the "frills" as trucks have today, the old kings of the "2" lane and mostly mountain roads these modern day "steering wheel holder would not have a chance to even survive roads and highways of yesteryear !

But all in all, the old union trucker is a thing of the past and has even been forgotten by the new generation of teamsters and its leaderships. Many of the senior retired teamsters from the old days have waited to get a COLA plan added to their old teamster pension plan from the days of Fitzsimmons to Ron Carey with no results. A million mile jacket ? Please !

Anonymous said...

What a bitter man you are, your words drool selfishness, and jealousy. I don't have any idea who Mr. Cook is , never met him , never heard of him, but I still applaud his acheiment of 3 million SAFE miles. I understand part of your comments, but Mr. Cook drove, and controlled those miles behind the wheel, not his air conditioner, nor a union representative of the IBT sitting behind a desk. Don't be so sour.