Friday, April 27, 2012

UPS 1Q Earnings Per Share Grow 10 Percent

U.S. Domestic and Supply Chain & Freight Segments Post Double-Digit Gains in Operating Profit

UPS announced first quarter 2012 diluted earnings per share of $1.00, a 10% improvement over the prior-year period. Consolidated revenue increased 4.4% to $13.1 billion. Operating profit for the U.S. Domestic and Supply Chain and Freight segments increased 13% and 19%, respectively.

"These results demonstrate that UPS is providing its customers with the solutions needed for today's ever-changing market conditions," said Scott Davis, UPS chairman and CEO. "We will continue to invest and develop innovative services that facilitate global commerce, ensuring UPS's long-term success."

Consolidated Results
1Q 2012
1Q 2011
$13.14 B
$12.58 B
Operating profit
$1.57 B
$1.47 B
Operating margin
11.9 %
11.7 %
Average volume per day
15.6 M
15.0 M
Diluted earnings per share

During the period, UPS delivered approximately 1 billion packages, a 4.3% increase. Rapid e-commerce growth combined with growing demand for lightweight shipping solutions contributed to these results.
In March, UPS announced its intention to acquire TNT Express. This addition will further expand UPS's portfolio of solutions and geographic footprint. The complementary strengths of both organizations will create a customer-focused global platform and a leader in the logistics industry.  Full report...........

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