Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holland Hiring Additional 450 Professional Drivers to Meet Growing Demand

Holland plans to hire an additional 450 qualified over-the-road and local city drivers throughout the Midwest in the next few months. Driver recruitment efforts are system-wide with a spotlight on the Evansville, South Bend, Ind.; Chicago and Wheeling, Ill.; as well as Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio; Louisville, Ky.; and Milwaukee, Wis. areas.

Holland continues to experience increasing demand in the next-day delivery market. In anticipation of further growth, Holland has been adding professional drivers and equipment. In 2011, the company hired 750 drivers. So far in 2012, the company has hired nearly 300 drivers, added more than 100 tractors and over 450 additional trailers to its fleet to be even more effective and meet customer satisfaction levels.

"We lead the industry in next-day delivery, quality handling, and on-time performance throughout the central U.S. and Canada because our employees are committed to safety and customer service. Our professional drivers are the heart of our ability to provide fast, flexible and reliable transportation services that support our customers' supply chains," said Holland President Scott Ware.

Jeff Whitaker, a city driver at the Holland terminal in Charlotte, N.C., who has been accident-free his entire Holland career had this to say: "For me, what sets Holland apart is its attitude towards its customers. We have an excellent damage-free ratio and speed that is second to none in the industry. And that's because we always take care of our customers."

Holland provides paid health care benefits and vacation time to its drivers. Drivers are paid union wages. Equipment is provided and maintained by the company and all fuel cost is paid for by the company. Many daily dispatches involve minimum time away from home. Overnight stays for drivers are provided and paid for in hotel rooms. Most Holland drivers agree that better working conditions are hard to find in the industry.

Drivers interested in positions at Holland can apply online here.  View our "Discover your direction with Holland" professional driver career video here. Candidates are also encouraged to attend recruiting events at various locations; dates and times are posted here.  In addition, Holland is working to place military veterans in driving positions through participation in the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces program and the Hiring Our Heroes initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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