Sunday, August 26, 2012

NC Governor takes on misclassification

Good news from North Carolina! Gov. Bev Perdue ordered a task force yesterday to investigate the misclassification of workers (can you say FedEx Ground?).

According to a press release from the governor's office, the task force will "identify effective mechanisms to combat unlawful practices like employee misclassification that harm workers". It will:

...strive to: (a) protect the health, safety and benefits of workers; (b) eliminate any competitive advantage currently enjoyed by businesses who violate the law; and (c) educate employers and employees regarding applicable legal requirements relevant to the practice of employee misclassification.

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Negi said...

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Terry Jones said...

Guys, do you really believe this is gonna help? I feel that in these economically troubled times, any changes simply won't work out. Just altering the workers' status would be yet another nail to the coffin for some workers.
Employers are using all means necessary to throw people out of work! (like it is described here: