Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Workers at closing YRC Freight hub took pay cuts, lost vacation time

Local YRC Freight workers are angry about the company’s plans to close the West Chester Twp. freight distribution hub after union employees took pay cuts, had the company’s pension contributions reduced, and gave up vacation time under the impression that these concessions would help keep the company running.

“That’s what kept this company open and then they turn around and take your jobs anyway,” said Ron Reece, 50, of Fairfield, the chief union steward for dock employees and a dock worker loading and unloading freight. He’s worked there 17 years.

“They told us if we didn’t take the cuts, they would shut down,” Reece said. The employees “gave up a lot to try to keep their job.”

YRC Freight, a division of Overland Park, Kan.-based company YRC Worldwide, has plans to close in May three U.S. break bulk terminals including the one in Butler County, according to Teamsters Local 100, the union office that represents 279 YRC Freight members here. There are also plans to close 29 end-line terminals nationwide, Teamsters said.  Full Story......

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