Sunday, January 14, 2018

ACTION ALERT: Tell the U.S. Senate to Protect American Workers’ Pensions

It is vital that Congress address the nation’s growing pension funding crisis.

The BCTGM believes that a legislative solution which provides pension plans with the funding necessary for long-term solvency without forcing trustees to reduce participants’ hard-earned pension benefits would be an important first step.

After careful and comprehensive analysis, the BCTGM has determined that the Butch Lewis Act of 2017 (S.2147) is the most effective legislative proposal to address the pension crisis.

Click here to email your U.S. Senators urging them to support this important legislation.

The legislation, sponsored by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who is always a champion for workers and retirees, provides an innovative way to strengthen pension plans and avoid retiree benefit reductions. The centerpiece of the legislation is long-term, low-interest loans that would be used to fully pay the benefits of retirees.

Congress must act now to protect against pension benefit cuts! Email your Senators TODAY! 

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