Wednesday, July 22, 2009


General President Hoffa contacted Bill Zollars at YRCW yesterday concerning recent statements and announcements that are contrary to the NMFA and the recent MOUS and demanded an immediate clarification.

The response from Zollars to Hoffa’s letter is here.

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Anonymous said...

I will vote yes when Zollars is gone He has got to go. Single handed ,he will take down TRC and the union, I did not here a lot of complaining when we had 14 quarters of tremendous growth with union workers. Now ever since the great forsight of Zollars have we been subjected to a slow death , one that he wants to speed up with such careless comments in the last few hours. Congratulations BILL, you and the board should be proud of your legacy, its one that I a union employee and one that I am sure many in management would agree is and has been lacking credability