Friday, February 05, 2010

YRC Sees 'Momentum,' but Road Ahead Is Still Rough

YRC Worldwide sees 'good momentum,' as some major customers stick with it

YRC Worldwide, one of the country's largest trucking companies, on Friday posted an operating loss for the fourth-quarter because of the weak economy and internal financial struggles.

But the company said it sees "good momentum" in its business so far this year and is getting support from some big customers who have stuck with it. They include Toys R Us, Dole, Neiman Marcus and Anheuser-Busch. CEO Bill Zollars said other customers were scared off by concerns about the company's finances.

Some analysts thought the trucker was within days of filing for bankruptcy protection late last year. Full Story......

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Anonymous said...

What about all the employees that agreed to 15% pay cuts and 18 mo. pension freeze??? We were told if we ageed to this it would save them aprox. $180 billion. Also we were told that they would get laid off employees back to work, instead more are being laid off. What about our contract? YRC is breaking the contract, and nothing is being done.