Monday, August 19, 2013

Dallas road driver Jerry Gowdy is YRC Freight's newest 4-million miler

Jerry Gowdy, Dallas linehaul driver, is a person who sees the glass as half full as opposed to half empty.

Jerry, who joined the company in April 1973 and has been in Dallas since 1981, recently reached a milestone achieved by only 13 active YRC Freight drivers—4-million miles without a preventable accident.

The secret to his success is no secret at all: He relies on a tried-and-true formula—driving defensively, being aware of his surroundings, making sure he gets enough rest, remaining patient at all times and never being in a hurry. But just as important as those fundamentals of safe driving, and the thing he mentions again and again, is the need to have a positive attitude at all times.

"You have got to have a positive attitude every day," he said. "You can't take your problems at home to work. I try to be as safe as I can. I watch for things in front of me and make sure I stay out of the way."

Jerry's positive attitude extends to non-driving aspects of the job, such as getting along with co-workers and appreciating the job company leaders are doing to compete in the marketplace.

"I've been driving 40 years and still feel good," says Jerry who will be 74 this month and says that in the late 60s his dispatcher was the father of current YRCW CEO James Welch. "I've got no plans to retire because I enjoy what I do, and things at YRC Freight are improving."

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