Saturday, August 29, 2009

YRC Worldwide expands guaranteed delivery services

YRC Worldwide Inc. is expanding its guaranteed delivery-time services throughout all its operating companies in response to supplier delivery requirement changes by leading retailers.

In a Friday release, the Overland Park-based trucking company (Nasdaq: YRCW) said the guaranteed-delivery services are designed to help retail suppliers avoid costly charge-backs when deliveries are late. The services also help retailers accurately project and accept delivery of merchandise in their distribution centers, warehouses and stores.

The company didn’t say how much revenue it expects the expanded services to generate.

A YRC spokeswoman sent the following statement to the Kansas City Business Journal:

“A significant portion the company’s revenue is attributed to the retail segment, and time-critical and guaranteed windows have become big elements in this space. Retail suppliers need to hit precise windows in order to avoid penalties and fees. The expanded offering continues the company’s expertise in supply-chain solutions, and attracts and retains customers who need to meet these narrow windows of opportunity with retailers.”

YRC Inc., the largest transportation unit of YRC Worldwide, offers a standard or guaranteed Multiday Window delivery service throughout North America.

YRC’s Holland operating company started offering retail suppliers in the central United States single-hour, multihour, single-day and multiday delivery window capabilities in January. YRC’s Reddaway operating company in May introduced the same capabilities to regional customers in the West, and New Penn offers the service to customers in the Northeast.

“We continue to see a rise in the number of major retailers implementing ‘must arrive by date’ ... and delivery window supplier requirements,” John Garcia, executive vice president and chief sales officer for YRC Worldwide, said in the release. “With our recent portfolio expansions, all YRC Worldwide companies offer solutions that precisely address delivery window needs, providing our customers with unmatched flexibility and reliability.”

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