Saturday, August 29, 2009

YRC Worldwide's Woes a Benefit to Arkansas Best LTL Unit

ABF Freight System, the largest operating unit of Arkansas Best Corp., is negotiating with the Teamsters unit over wage and pension concessions.

ABF, the nation's sixth-largest LTL company with $1.83 billion revenue last year, operates in the same troubled, unionized, long-haul LTL segment that YRC Worldwide. Financially ailing YRC recently obtained a five-year 15 percent wage cut as well as an 18-month pension freeze, savings that could amount to nearly $900 million a year for YRC.

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Anonymous said...

Here you have a company ABF that has made all kinds of money for the last 20 years,,,they have one bad year like everyone else because of the recession,,they have 200 million in the bank and there debt free! Now they want a kick back,,,,,,,,I don't think so! There is a contract to be honored here,,,,,,,all these years that ABF make all this money did we get a raise or did they kick us back something?
When YRC happens to go out of business ABF will have all kinds of freight to pick from!!!!!
I know that the union wanted to try to keep YRC a afloat because of the 40,000 people that work for YRC but then again did they think about ABF and their employs at the time? Sure giving YRC all these breaks was like a slap in the face to the workers at ABF because see now what's happening,,,,
ABF will not get this vote for concessions by their employees,,,,,,,you have one off year and 20 years money makers,,,,,,do the math!