Saturday, October 20, 2012

Herschel Evans Receives 2012 Destination Green Environmental Excellence Award

Holland professional driver Herschel Evans was recently honored with a 2012 Destination Green Environmental Excellence Award for his efforts towards environmental sustainability. The award recognizes employees of YRC Worldwide companies who exhibit environmental leadership in a variety of areas, including efficient use of energy, emissions reductions, customer and vendor environmental partnerships and community outreach on promoting sustainable practices.

Evans was selected for his safe and efficient driving practices, which have resulted in a high miles-per-gallon ratio for his Holland truck and have allowed him to share and promote best practices with fellow truck drivers and motorists. These practices include route planning and smooth starts and stops to optimize fuel usage.

"We would like to thank Herschel Evans for his dedication to the invaluable cause of environmental sustainability," said Scott Ware, Holland president. "Together with leaders like Herschel, we at Holland hope to build a better future for generations to come, while continuing to provide the best services for our customers."

This second annual award program is part of the larger Destination Green initiative--a YRC Worldwide corporate plan that employs numerous processes with the goals of reducing the company's carbon footprint while optimizing corporate resources. Award recipients are nominated by their fellow employees.

Herschel Evans is a city driver operating out of the Atlanta, Ga. service center. In addition to receiving this environmental award, Herschel was recently named 2012 Georgia Driver of the Year and placed first in the 5-axle category in the 2012 Georgia Truck Driving Championships. Evans also won the state 5-axle competition in 2011, 2008 and 2006. He went on to earn two national titles with first-place finishes in the 5-axle class at the National Truck Driving Championships in 2011 and 2008.

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