Saturday, October 20, 2012

YRC Freight Announces 2012 Driver Hall of Fame Winners

YRC Freight, a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc., announced nine inductees into the 2012 Driver Hall of Fame as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

YRC Freight honors the following professional drivers who have collectively driven over 25 million accident-free miles:

Donald Cook — Linehaul Driver, Allentown, PA
Jerry Cudmore — Retired City Driver, Sioux Falls, SD
David McDonald — Retired Road Driver, Kansas City, KS
Thomas Nestler — Driver, Montgomery, IL
Donald Robinson — Road Driver, Akron, OH
Bob Seeman — Road Driver, Valdosta, GA
Richard Shreiner — Road Driver, Harrisburg, PA
Ray Simon — Retired City Driver, St. Cloud, MN
Alfred Weddle — Road Driver, Albuquerque, NM

"We salute these outstanding YRC Freight drivers for the tremendous feat they have accomplished and thank them for their continued commitment to providing unparalleled service to our customers," said Jeff Rogers, president of YRC Freight. "These exceptional individuals help YRC Freight to remain one of the safest transportation providers in the industry."

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week honors the 3.1 million professional truck drivers nationwide who log close to 398 billion miles each year and in 2011 delivered 67 percent of the U.S. freight tonnage--or over 9.2 billion tons of freight.


ddafternoons said...

Shure would like to know when the teamsters are going to help YRC employee's. We've been dealing with the loss of our retirement and 15% pay cuts for several years now and wonder what the union is going to do to help us working poor. Our local has done nothing to stop management from having their way with us. Local 439 is a joke. We haven't seen our business agent in months. Why has the union abandoned us? Could it be because the union own's part of our company. There appears to be a conflict of interest going on.

ddafternoons said...

The union has done nothing to help us at YRC.We don't even see a rep. from our local.Our local is 439.