Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Execs line pockets, humiliate employees

Bankruptcy tactics prove Congress must protect livelihoods of workers
By James P. Hoffa

The double threat that U.S. workers face from cheap labor overseas and greedy executives here at home made headlines when Troy-based Delphi Corp. -- the world's second largest auto parts manufacturer -- announced Saturday it was filing for bankruptcy.
Prior to that, Delphi sought concessions from the United Auto Workers, including a wage cut of up to 63 percent and sharp increases in employee-paid health care. The company plans to use bankruptcy laws to close plants and impose lower wages and benefits on workers. Full story here..........http://www.detnews.com/2005/editorial/0510/14/A13-347947.htm

Teamster truck talk

Al Maxey had heard the rumors.
The retired Dover Township resident had known for a while that his previous employer was in financial difficulties.
So, Maxey was not too surprised when Consolidated Freightways suspended its York County operations Sept. 3, 2002, days after the 74-year-old company had filed for bankruptcy. Full story here.......http://ydr.com/story/meeting-room/89660/

ABF Again Named Best in Both Claims/Loss Prevention and Security

FORT SMITH, Ark., -- ABF Freight System,Inc.(R), has been recognized by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) asthe top motor carrier in both claims/loss prevention and security. ABF(R) isthe only carrier to earn both the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Awardand the Excellence in Security Award in the same year. This marks the 30th time since 1971 that ABF has earned recognition fromthe Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council. In addition to the 2005awards, ABF also won the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Award in 2001and 2002 and the Excellence in Security Award in 2001 and 2004. The ATA Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council presented the twoawards to ABF on October 4th in Miami, Fla., at the group's annual conference.In presenting the Security Award, the ATA called ABF "a company thatconstantly evaluates and improves its security measures, personnel trainingand experience record." When presenting the Claims/Loss Prevention Award, theATA noted the "magnitude of this achievement and the significant work thatgoes into reaching this standard," adding that the company "has excelled" indeveloping "a comprehensive loss prevention plan." "Receiving the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Award three times inthe past five years demonstrates ABF's commitment to proper cargo handling. Werecognize that each pallet, carton or box is a critical part of our customers'business and that loss, damage or delay harms that business," said ABFPresident and Chief Executive Officer Bob Davidson. "The low turnover amongour conscientious, experienced employees, coupled with management emphasis andtraining, results in the best claims experience in our industry. When specificproblem areas are uncovered, we use focus groups and the ABF Quality Processto address the root causes; we typically involve our customers and dockemployees in this effective problem resolution process. This approach haspositioned ABF as the premiere LTL carrier when it comes to deliveringshipments on time, intact, and damage free." Davidson added, "In addition, we are pleased to receive the Excellence inSecurity Award again. Due to concerns regarding terrorism, our customers,especially those involved with foodstuffs and personal products, arerightfully conscious of the importance of security in the supply chain. It istruly gratifying to see the hard work and ingenuity of ABF's employees beingrecognized with dual awards in the same year, a feat that no other LTL carrierhas ever accomplished."