Thursday, September 18, 2008

YRC Worldwide Appoints Timothy Wicks as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

YRC Worldwide Inc. announced today that Timothy A. Wicks has been named Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer effective October 13, 2008. In this role, Mr. Wicks will be responsible for all aspects of the corporation's finance activities including treasury, tax, accounting, and financial reporting. He will report to Bill Zollars, Chairman, President and CEO of YRC Worldwide.

Mr. Wicks comes from UnitedHealthcare where he served as Senior Vice President -- Strategic Growth Initiatives, and was primarily responsible for launching new distribution and investment capabilities.

"Tim's leadership experience in various strategic and financial roles will be invaluable as we take our next step in the transformation of our organization," said Bill Zollars. "I am confident Tim will continue the development of the strong talent within our finance team and form solid partnerships with all functional areas."

Zollars added, "I would like to thank Paul Liljegren for his contributions as Interim Chief Financial Officer over the last couple of months. Paul has done an excellent job and we are pleased that he is a key member of the team."

Mr. Wicks graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1988. After working in finance and economics for Northwest Airlines, he attended Harvard Graduate School of Business and obtained an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Corporate Strategy. Mr. Wicks was Co-founder and President of Great Northern Capital for six years before joining Dell, Inc. as Director of Global Business Strategy. In 2002, Mr. Wicks joined UnitedHealthcare, the largest division of UnitedHealth Group, serving in a variety of business development roles.

In addition, Mr. Wicks served as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board for GenCorp, an NYSE-listed Aerospace/Defense and Real Estate Company. He was a Board and Audit Committee member for three years and was Chairman of the Finance Committee in 2006.

YRC National Integration Leadership

YRC Worldwide also announced today that it is aligning key members of the leadership team to ensure the successful integration of Yellow Transportation and Roadway. Mike Smid, President of YRC North American Transportation, and Phil Gaines, President of Yellow Transportation, have assumed the additional responsibility of the operational integration, while Terry Gilbert, President of Roadway, has assumed lead responsibility for the local sales integration.

"The operations and sales integrations of Yellow and Roadway are significant steps for our organization," stated Zollars. "With Mike's extensive operational experience, Phil's operations and finance background, and Terry's sales expertise, we are confident we will continue to provide quality service to our customers throughout the integration."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UPS Freight Workers in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Sign Cards to Become Teamsters

In Latest Victories, About 660 Drivers, Dockworkers Will Join Teamsters

An overwhelming majority of about 660 workers at the UPS Freight terminal in Mechanicsburg, Pa., have signed authorization cards to become Teamsters, bringing the total number of drivers and dockworkers who have signed cards to about 12,400 since January 16, Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa announced. The workers will be joining Local 776 in Harrisburg.

Currently, 11,800 UPS Freight workers are covered by a Teamster contract. In April, a new UPS Freight contract covering 9,900 workers was ratified by an 89 percent margin which improves wages, benefits and working conditions. More than 1,700 workers voted last month to ratify the contract--these workers were certified after the April ratification vote.

With the Mechanicsburg victory, about 200 UPS Freight workers at a handful of terminals around the country have not signed cards to become Teamsters.

"In less than one year, nearly all of the UPS Freight drivers and dockworkers eligible to join the Teamsters have signed cards and most of them are already enjoying the benefits and protections of a Teamster contract," said Teamsters Package Division Director Ken Hall. "These workers have overcome a long history of vicious anti-union campaigns by previous employers, but they are finally getting the respect they deserve. I am confident the few remaining terminals will not want to be left behind and the workers there will turn their cards in soon."

"This is an historic event for our Local Union and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters," said Daniel Virtue, President of Local 776. "We have submitted a majority of cards for the 660 UPS Freight workers employed at the company's largest terminal in the country. I invite all of our membership, but especially workers in our Freight and Package divisions to welcome their new brothers and sisters from UPS Freight. Together we are a stronger voice in the transportation industry."

Monday, September 15, 2008

ABF Greatly Expands Next-Day and Second-Day Service Through Regional Network

ABF Freight System, Inc., today announced faster transit times in more than 24,000 station-to-station lanes including approximately 1,300 new next-day lanes and 21,000 new second-day lanes. As a result, ABF has reduced transit by at least one day in over 445 million zip-to-zip combinations.

Called the Regional Performance Model, or RPM, the network first offered regional service along the eastern seaboard in 2006 and later added regional service for the eastern two-thirds of the United States in early 2007. The latest enhancement reduces the transit times in over 25 percent of the lanes in the carrier’s North American network. By the end of 2008, ABF plans to expand RPM to the western United States to provide next-day and second-day service throughout the country.

"ABF’s most recent expansion of its regional service is now in place, resulting in additional transit-time improvements in tens of thousands of new regional lanes. In fact, we’ve been successfully executing the latest enhancements for almost a month now, refining the new service before introducing it to the market," said ABF President and Chief Operating Officer Wes Kemp. "Customers are embracing ABF, traditionally a long-haul carrier, as a most reliable regional service provider. They appreciate a carrier that can master next-day and second-day transit and still provide the loss-and-damage-free service for which ABF is renowned."

RPM runs in parallel with the carrier’s best-in-class long-haul network, enabling customers the convenience of one carrier to handle their regional, inter-regional, and long-haul freight while boosting the reliability of both networks. While the separate over-the-road networks are indiscernible, ABF customers benefit from common pickup, delivery, sales and customer service capabilities.