Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy New Year

Thanks to all of you that check out my blog. With the comming new year, I will continue to work harder to make this a better blog. Thanks again, and have a safe and happy new year! 1Teamster.

Trucking faces some challenges in 2006

Driver shortages, high fuel prices, changes in diesel fuel formulation, an impending switch to more expensive exhaust emission control technology top the list as the biggest challenges to the trucking industry, transportation experts say. "We need to get out there and find drivers,” said Barry Pottle, CEO of Maine-based Pottle Transportation and the new chairman of the Truckload Carriers Assn. “We were 20,000 short this year [2005] alone. So focusing on driver lifestyle changes is going to be critical to our recruiting and retention efforts in the future. We can’t get drivers if they can’t make a decent living.” Full story here........

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Executives Gone Wild: It's Not a Pretty Sight

There is a scene in the old gangster movie "Murder, Inc." in which a prominent member of that entity, a certain Abe "Kid Twist" Reles—ably portrayed by Peter Falk—is asked why he always wants more when he already has so much. "Don't ask questions," he shouts in response. "What've you got hands for, huh? Take!"
Then there was a scene I recall from my childhood during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954. After Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin said some nasty thing about a young attorney working for Joseph N. Welch, the canny Boston lawyer representing the Army, Mr. Welch asked Mr. McCarthy: "Have you no decency, sir? At long last, have you no sense of decency?" Full story here............

Santa's helpers feeling boxed in

FedEx, workers battle over vote to organize first drivers' union

In December, when Santa contracts out some of his package-delivery work, drivers at FedEx fly down the highways, typically starting before sunrise and finishing long after dark.
But this year, some of the reindeer are so unhappy that they have voted to unionize.
About two dozen South Jersey drivers are poised to become the first to form a collective-bargaining unit at the ground-delivery division of FedEx Corp., the package-delivery company based in Memphis that had revenue last year of $29.4 billion.
Their efforts continue even with FedEx in its busiest season, moving as many as 8.5 million packages daily.
The drivers' hours are long, their pay is low, they say, and some who work or have worked at the FedEx Ground depot in Barrington, Camden County, complain that their managers routinely threaten to take away their routes. Full story here........

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Teamsters take aim at FedEx

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is turning up the heat on non-unionized express carrier FedEx with the launch of a new website and a series of weeklong actions at FedEx Express facilities.
“FedEx has built much of its empire on low-cost business models and other unsavory practices,” said Jim Hoffa, the Teamsters’ general president.
“In addition, many FedEx Express workers do not qualify for company health care or retirement benefits,” he added. “In contrast to their counterparts at FedEx, UPS workers are represented by the Teamsters and benefit from a collective bargaining agreement that provides medical care, pensions and a 401(k).”
To support its actions, the Teamsters created to highlight legal actions against the Memphis, TN-based express giant. This includes details of Satchell v. FedEx, a case that established class-action status for African-American and Latino workers in Sept. 2005 for their lawsuit against FedEx alleging discrimination in pay, promotions and disciplinary action.
The Teamsters also plan to conduct a leafleting campaign at FedEx Express facilities in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

DHL says a strike won't stop deliveries

A spokesman for a DHL shipping contractor said Thursday the company does not plan to let holiday package deliveries be disrupted, even if a Teamsters local follows through with a threat to strike.
"We will do everything we can do to make sure packages are delivered normally," said Sean Howard, president of American Commercial Finance Freight Services.
Plymouth-based American Commercial delivers packages for shipping giant DHL - including those in the Lansing area. Teamsters Local 580, which represents about 60 workers at a Dimondale facility who deliver packages locally, is threatening to strike American Commercial, though no date has been set.
The disagreement stems from the status of a contract union members ratified in October. It includes a pay raise of nearly $5 an hour to about $15 an hour. The union said the contract hasn't been implemented. Howard said he never agreed to the contract.
"They took a contract that was not signed for a vote," he said.
The union says the contract is valid. Mike Parker, business agent for the union, said contracts aren't formally signed until after a ratification vote and a strike was in the planning stages. The union also has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.
"These members bar-- -gained fairly with their employer and properly ratified a contract," Parker said. "Our members are extremely upset with the fact that their legal rights can be so blatantly walked on."
The union is urging people to use another shipping company to send and receive holiday gifts.
A spokesman at DHL, which is owned by Germany's Deutsche Post AG and has a U.S. base in Florida, said it has no dealings with the union.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Unions get stricter oversight

The government says it's about improving accountability. The labor movement says it may be revenge for backing Bush's opponents.
Joseph Dougherty, president of Ironworkers Local 401, finds himself suddenly awash in paperwork.
The federal government has stepped up enforcement of 46-year-old union-finance-reporting laws, and Dougherty, who heads a 1,050-member union in Northeast Philadelphia, is swamped with receipts and time sheets.
"It's a nightmare," he said.
The U.S. Labor Department says its heightened efforts are about increasing union financial accountability and transparency, but Dougherty and others in the labor movement have other ideas about the administration's motivations. Full story here..............

Teamster Leaders Laud Driving Training Decision

The Teamsters National Training Director is applauding a federal court decision ordering the federal government to rewrite its rule setting the standards for driving training programs.
“It is long past the time for our country to seriously consider education and training for CMV (commercial motor vehicle) operators,” said Mark Johnson, the Teamsters National Training Director. “With a nationwide driver shortage, alarming driver turnover in the nonunion sector and retirements in the union sector, quality training of new drivers becomes critical to public safety and driver supply.”
In 2004, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a rule requiring CMV operators to be trained in only four specific areas—hours of service, health and wellness, medical qualifications and whistleblower protections. None of these have anything to do with the skills necessary to safely operate a CMV.
A coalition of highway and auto safety organizations sued the agency arguing the federal government should have including CMV driver education and training as part of its requirements using curriculum based on its many years of research and the standards set by the industry.
On December 2, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that FMCSA “abandons the recommendations of the Model Curriculum.” The court did not overturn the current rule, but did send it back to FMCSA for “further rulemaking,” indicating that it must include over-the-road training as part of any new regulation.
The “Model Curriculum,” developed by the Department of Transportation in 1985, addressed CMV driver education and training topics directly related to driving skills, with a heavy emphasis on skills and techniques necessary to safely operate a heavy truck.
Shortly after the Model Curriculum was published, groups representing the motor carrier, truck-driver training, and insurance industries, including the Teamsters Union, formed the Professional Truck-Driver Training Institute (PTDI). The Institute develops standards for training truck drivers, and it certifies private training organizations that meet or exceed its recommendations. None of these criteria was contained in FMCSA’s current rule.
The court also said the FMCSA “completely ignores the study’s emphasis on practical, on-the-road training” in the rule. This comment refers to the government’s 1995 study entitled “Assessing the Adequacy of Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training.” The study found that the heavy truck, motorcoach, and school bus sectors were not providing adequate driver training. It also confirmed in the study a general agreement that the Model Curriculum represents an adequate content and approach for training truck drivers and used the Model Curriculum as the starting point in defining “adequate training” for heavy truck drivers.

Miami DHL Gateway Teamsters Approve First Contract

Teamsters at the Miami International Airport (MIA) DHL gateway facility overwhelmingly approved a four-year contract yesterday, gaining wage increases, a pension plan and job security language.
By ratifying the contract, the 130 workers at MIA became the third DHL gateway location to be protected by a Teamster agreement this year. Miami gateway workers are joining 300 DHL Teamsters at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and 150 gateway workers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
"We are ecstatic that we have completed these negotiations after 17 months," said Alex Saumell, an 18-year worker at the DHL Miami Gateway facility. "All the credit goes to Mike Scott, Don Marr and all the workers here at the gateway who stood strong through this entire process."
The agreement secures excellent wage increases, lowers the cost of health insurance for the workers, includes job security language and guarantees a minimum of 40-hours per week for fulltime employees. The contract also includes strong language that provides the members with an outstanding grievance procedure and seniority requirements.
"These workers were so excited about becoming Teamsters," Michael Scott, President, Teamsters Local 769 in Miami, Florida. "This is an exceptional first contract that will provide improvements across the board for these workers."

Yellow Roadway unit selects new president

YRC Regional Transportation, a subsidiary of Yellow Roadway Corp., today said T.J. O’Connor has been selected as president and chief executive officer of USF Bestway.
The move was effective Dec. 1.
O’Connor has served in a variety of executive positions at Roadway Express for the last 23 years. Most recently, he has been vice president of the company’s Western Division.
YRC Regional Transportation is comprised of the USF companies and New Penn Motor Express.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Bush urges companies to pay pension obligations

President Bush called on American businesses on Monday to live up to their pension promises, saying too many companies are not putting away enough money to protect the retirement benefits of their workers. Full story here.......

Yellow Roadway sees 2005 profit at $5.18 to $5.23 a share

Yellow Roadway Corp. affirmed Monday its 2005 earnings outlook of $5.18 to $5.23 a share and its fourth-quarter profit expectations of $1.30 to $1.35 a share. "We continue to see a good economy across the board," Yellow Chief Executive Bill Zollars said in a statement. Analysts polled by Thomson First Call forecast earnings, on average, of $5.23 a share in 2005 and $1.36 a share in the fourth quarter. The shares fell 66 cents Friday to $46.45.

Monday, November 28, 2005

BusinessWeek: The Ground War At FedEx

Drivers are Suing to Protest Their Status as Contractors— and Gaining Traction

Back in 1996, when Roy Mason landed work as a delivery driver with Roadway Package System Inc., he liked the idea of being an independent contractor, instead of an employee. Although he drove exclusively for RPS out of its Arcadia (Calif.) terminal, Mason felt the company gave him wide latitude to manage his routes.
Two years later, FedEx Corp. acquired RPS, and Mason says that's when things changed. He says a new management team set out strict rules dictating everything from how he dresses to how he holds his truck keys as he approaches a customer's door. And the company imposes fines on drivers who don't meet its strict standards. A few weeks ago, Mason says, managers shadowed him on his route, then slapped him with a citation for leaving his truck door open as he sprinted to drop off a package on a customer's front porch. "They are absolutely controlling everything I do," says Mason, 49. Full story here.......

Zollars sells $5.6M in Yellow stock

Yellow Roadway Corp.CEO Bill Zollars last week sold 117,860 shares of company stock for more than $5.6 million, a federal filing shows.

Zollars exercised options to acquire the shares on Nov. 22 at a price of $17.21 a share, or a total of more than $2 million, the Securities and Exchange Commission filing showed. He then sold the stock throughout the day at a price of about $48 a share, according to the filing, which was filed late Friday.
The transactions left Zollars with a profit of more than $3.6 million.
In a Nov. 21 news release, Yellow Roadway Corp. announced that Zollars had adopted a plan to sell the stock in accordance with an SEC trading plan.
"Zollars' plan is a component of his overall tax and financial planning strategy that is designed to provide enhanced diversification and liquidity," the news release said.
Zollars retains 154,465 stock options, according to the news release, meaning he exercised about 43 percent of his available stock options with last week's transactions. He also continues to own 134,234 shares of Yellow Roadway stock, the federal filing indicated.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Labor’s campaign against GOP President George W. Bush’s Defense Department personnel rules–rules that strip 800,000 workers of their union rights, collective bargaining, whistleblower protection, fairness in pay, job protections and more–accelerated in mid-November in Congress and in court. Labor got a win, at least temporarily, when federal workers’ unions and the Bush Justice Department–acting for DOD–agreed to delay the starting implementation of the new rules until at least Feb. 1. A court hearing on them may occur at about the same time. And unions got sympathetic comments from senators of both parties when they took their complaints to Capitol Hill on Nov. 17. Full story here.......

Zollars adopts trading plan for Yellow options

Yellow Roadway Corp. today said Bill Zollars, chairman, president and CEO, has adopted a stock trading plan.
Rule 10b5-1 of the Securities Act of 1934 enables corporate officers and directors to establish stock trading plans for the orderly sale of predetermined amounts of securities..
Overland Park-based Yellow said Zollars’ plan is a component of his overall tax and financial planning strategy that is designed to provide enhanced diversification and liquidity. The plan is effective for approximately three months.
Under the provisions of the plan up to 117,860 of the 272,325 stock options Zollars currently holds may be exercised and sold. Zollars’s ownership of 134,360 shares of Yellow Roadway common stock is unaffected.
At midday, Yellow Roadway shares were up 22 cents at $49.20. Shares have traded in a 52-week range of $38.81 to $64.47.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Yellow Roadway Corp. to Expand Facility in Buffalo, New York

Yellow Roadway Corp. plans to invest over $1.5 million to lease, build out and equip an approximately 18,000 square foot, 83 person credit collection facility in Cheektowaga, NY. The project is expected to retain 264 existing jobs and create 83 new jobs.
Yellow Roadway Corp., founded in 1924, has grown to annual sales of over $8 billion with locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. The company employs over 2,000 in 29 locations across New York State.
"Yellow Roadway's decision to expand in Cheektowaga re-confirms the strength of one of Buffalo Niagara's greatest assets, its highly qualified and available work force," said Thomas A. Kucharski, President and CEO of Buffalo Niagara Enterprise. "Our work force, training incentives and strong transportation and logistics infrastructure combine to make the region a natural location for the company's long term growth."
In consideration of its commitment to New York State, Yellow Roadway Corporation is eligible to apply to Empire State Development for a Capital Grant of up to $150,000 to assist with lease costs, build out, furniture fixtures and equipment associated with set up of the facility.

Teamsters Host International Summit of Unions in Package Delivery Industry

The Teamsters Union this week will host union leaders from around the world who represent workers at the Big Four global package delivery and logistics companies, called integrators -- UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT.
Officials attending the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) meeting are discussing ways their unions can work together to convert common interests into power in organizing and at the bargaining table of the Big Four global integrators.
"In this global economy, labor unions must see, think and plan beyond borders if we are to help gain strength and power for workers," said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. "The Teamsters are dedicated to this mission."
The Teamsters Union has created a new Office of Global Strategies to focus resources on building alliances with workers around the world as its dominance grows in the integrator industry.
The integrators' meeting includes union leaders from Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Australia, India, China, South Africa, Canada, Belgium and Spain. The ITF represents 624 transport unions with 4.5 million transport workers from 142 countries. The Teamsters Union is the largest ITF affiliate in North America.
"Our members from these international unions are linked by the actions of corporations whose global executives make decisions that affect workers around the world," said C. Thomas Keegel, Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer. "These multinational corporations have a global strategy. We must build a global strategy as well."

Monday, October 31, 2005

Cipriani re-elected president of local Teamsters union

GREENSBORO - Jack Cipriani has been re-elected to a three-year term as president of the Teamsters Local 391 union, Rob Black, a union spokesman, said yesterday.
Local 391, based in Greensboro, has members in the Triad and eastern North Carolina. The election was held last week, Black said. With 7,000 members, it is the largest labor union in the state.

FedEx to pay $500,000 to settle racial-bias claim

FedEx Freight East will pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over allegations the company discriminated against black dockworkers in St. Louis, the EEOC said last week.
FedEx Freight East is a subsidiary of Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp., which acquired American Freightways in 2001. A spokesman for Fedex Freight East declined to comment immediately.
The EEOC sued in 2003 on behalf of 20 blacks who worked for American Freightways Inc. at the time of the alleged bias. The EEOC said blacks were denied promotions from part-time to full-time jobs at the company’s trucking terminal in St. Louis. Another was denied promotion to a supervisory position.
When the suit was filed in September 2003, attorney Jerome Dobson said the lapses had significant effects on black workers who were seeking more hours, better routes and pay, and promotion opportunities. Meanwhile, he said, white workers “leapfrogged” over the black workers.
Six black dockworkers joined in the lawsuit and the settlement. In addition to the $500,000 settlement, which must still be approved by the U.S. District Court, FedEx will be required to report on promotions to full-time dockworker positions and to dock supervisor positions.

LAX DHL Gateway Teamsters Approve First Contract

150 Workers Secure Strong Three-Year Contract

Teamsters at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) DHL gateway facility overwhelmingly approved a three-year contract last week, gaining wage increases, a pension plan and job security language. Full story here.......

Diesel dilemma

We hate to burst your bubble, all you folks out there who have been celebrating the 40-cent drop in gas prices in the past month.

But there’s something else going on at the pumps.And it’s no cause for celebration.While gas prices have dropped in the past month, diesel prices have remained persistently high. In fact, the price has risen slightly since September. Full story here........

Yellow Roadway 3Q Profit Jumps 53 Percent

Trucking and logistics company Yellow Roadway Corp. on Thursday reported third-quarter profit jumped 53 percent, driven by revenue growth at the company's core businesses. Net income grew to $85.3 million, or $1.42 per share, from $55.9 million, or $1.15 per share, in the prior-year quarter. Excluding one-time charges, the company said it earned $1.53 in the quarter versus $1.38 in the comparable period last year. Revenue rose 41 percent to $2.49 billion. The results for the latest quarter included sales for regional trucker USF Corp., which Yellow Roadway acquired for $1.5 billion in May. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial expected earnings excluding items of $1.43 per share and sales of $2.42 billion. In September, the company lowered its earnings guidance for the quarter to between $1.40 and $1.45 from its earlier prediction of $1.60 to $1.65. Yellow officials blamed disruptions caused by Hurricane Katrina and operational troubles in the two-year-old combination of Yellow Corp. and Roadway Corp. Revenue at the company's Yellow Transportation business increased 8 percent to $892.5 million, while sales at Roadway Express edged up 6 percent to $858.4 million. Although a smaller segment, Yellow's Meridian IQ unit saw revenue more than double to $142 million. The company said it took $11 million worth of charges to cover executive severance, disposing property and acquisition costs. Yellow Roadway forecast fourth-quarter earnings of $1.30 to $1.35 per share, compared with the consensus estimate of $1.34 per share. The company predicts full-year income in a range of $5.18 to $5.23 on $8.7 billion in sales. Analysts project 2005 earnings of $5.12 per share on $8.58 billion in sales. Shares of Yellow Roadway fell $1.21, or 2.8 percent, to close at $42.25 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock was down an additional 10 cents at $42.15 in after-hours trading. The stock has traded between $38.81 and $64.47 over the past 52 weeks.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Local Teamsters set for a strike vote over DHL contract

A strike vote has been set for Sunday against a subcontractor of DHL Solutions Inc., a package and freight delivery service that serves Tallahassee and has a $2.5million annual contract with the state, a union official said Monday.
"The primary issue for the employees has been compensation," said Jim Gookins, principle officer and secretary/treasurer of Teamsters Local 991, which is headquartered in Mobile, Ala. If called, the strike would only affect the Tallahassee office, he said.
Gookins said Tallahassee members of the Teamsters Union would vote Sunday on whether to ratify a contract offer or to set a strike date. He said the drivers were seeking an hourly wage and benefits instead of being paid a salary with no benefits.
Gookins said drivers now receive a salary of about $1,800 every two weeks but must pay Commercial Cargo Inc. to lease the vans bearing the DHL logo, pay for their own gasoline and maintenance and also pay for cargo insurance.
After paying their own expenses, Gookins said, drivers make from $800 to $1,000 every two weeks.
Gookins said about 25 drivers - all independent contractors - deliver packages for DHL in the Tallahassee area. They were hired by Commercial, which is headquartered in Tyrone, Ga.
Colleen Englert, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Management Services, said DHL has a $2.5million annual contract with the state but added Tallahassee DHL revenues were only part of that total.
DHL officials could not be reached for comment. The company's headquarters is in Plantation, and Hurricane Wilma, which hit South Florida on Monday, interrupted phone service to the area.
Fred Grub, the lead negotiator for Commercial, declined to discuss specifics but said he thought the talks "have gone very well" and that "Commercial Cargo and the Teamsters have agreed on a lot of things that are very beneficial to employees and employer."
Grub said DHL has similar arrangements with independent contractors in other states.
FedEx uses independent contractors for its ground deliveries, but uses company employees for its air service deliveries, said company spokesman Howard Clabo.
UPS deliveries all are made by company employees, said company spokesman Norman Black.

ABF’s third quarter rises to 25-year best

ABF Freight System Inc., the main operating division of Arkansas Best Corp., reported Monday that its third quarter was the best in more than 25 years.
Arkansas Best, whose two primary operating subsidiaries are ABF and Clipper Group, said increased prices, controlled costs and a one-time gain contributed to its overall strong performance. Full story here........§ion=Business&storyid=134331

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Execs line pockets, humiliate employees

Bankruptcy tactics prove Congress must protect livelihoods of workers
By James P. Hoffa

The double threat that U.S. workers face from cheap labor overseas and greedy executives here at home made headlines when Troy-based Delphi Corp. -- the world's second largest auto parts manufacturer -- announced Saturday it was filing for bankruptcy.
Prior to that, Delphi sought concessions from the United Auto Workers, including a wage cut of up to 63 percent and sharp increases in employee-paid health care. The company plans to use bankruptcy laws to close plants and impose lower wages and benefits on workers. Full story here..........

Teamster truck talk

Al Maxey had heard the rumors.
The retired Dover Township resident had known for a while that his previous employer was in financial difficulties.
So, Maxey was not too surprised when Consolidated Freightways suspended its York County operations Sept. 3, 2002, days after the 74-year-old company had filed for bankruptcy. Full story here.......

ABF Again Named Best in Both Claims/Loss Prevention and Security

FORT SMITH, Ark., -- ABF Freight System,Inc.(R), has been recognized by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) asthe top motor carrier in both claims/loss prevention and security. ABF(R) isthe only carrier to earn both the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Awardand the Excellence in Security Award in the same year. This marks the 30th time since 1971 that ABF has earned recognition fromthe Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council. In addition to the 2005awards, ABF also won the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Award in 2001and 2002 and the Excellence in Security Award in 2001 and 2004. The ATA Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council presented the twoawards to ABF on October 4th in Miami, Fla., at the group's annual conference.In presenting the Security Award, the ATA called ABF "a company thatconstantly evaluates and improves its security measures, personnel trainingand experience record." When presenting the Claims/Loss Prevention Award, theATA noted the "magnitude of this achievement and the significant work thatgoes into reaching this standard," adding that the company "has excelled" indeveloping "a comprehensive loss prevention plan." "Receiving the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Award three times inthe past five years demonstrates ABF's commitment to proper cargo handling. Werecognize that each pallet, carton or box is a critical part of our customers'business and that loss, damage or delay harms that business," said ABFPresident and Chief Executive Officer Bob Davidson. "The low turnover amongour conscientious, experienced employees, coupled with management emphasis andtraining, results in the best claims experience in our industry. When specificproblem areas are uncovered, we use focus groups and the ABF Quality Processto address the root causes; we typically involve our customers and dockemployees in this effective problem resolution process. This approach haspositioned ABF as the premiere LTL carrier when it comes to deliveringshipments on time, intact, and damage free." Davidson added, "In addition, we are pleased to receive the Excellence inSecurity Award again. Due to concerns regarding terrorism, our customers,especially those involved with foodstuffs and personal products, arerightfully conscious of the importance of security in the supply chain. It istruly gratifying to see the hard work and ingenuity of ABF's employees beingrecognized with dual awards in the same year, a feat that no other LTL carrierhas ever accomplished."

Monday, October 10, 2005

Teamsters fight new rules on truckers’ hours

The Teamsters union and public safety groups are challenging the federal government’s new rules on the number of hours truck drivers can work.
The so-called “hours-of-service” rule went into effect on Saturday. But the Transportation Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said it will delay enforcing the new rules in most instances while trucking companies adapt to the changes through year’s end. The federal agency has encouraged states to do the same. Full story here........

Monday, October 03, 2005

500 independent truckers sign up with Teamsters

“Join the union,” Wilfredo Gonz├ílez, a new Teamster member, shouted as he gave a flyer to truckers entering the Port of Miami the morning of September 26.
Daily prounion rallies are being organized at the port’s entrance as part of the Teamsters effort to organize some 1,700 independent truckers in the area. A week into the organizing campaign, 500 drivers have signed with the union, according to the Teamsters. Full story here........

Carriers group announces reorganization

The Motor Freight Carriers Association (MFCA) has announced a reorganization plan for the trade association that better re-flects the changes that have occurred in the less-than-truckload (LTL) segment of the industry. Full story here........

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

DHL drivers strike to 'stay union'

About 20 DHL Express delivery drivers picketed the West Kelso station Wednesday, saying they are striking to retain their Teamsters-negotiated wages and resist becoming lower-paid independent contractors."We want to stay union," said driver Toni Hiles. Full story here.......

Hoffa swings through Bay Area

TEAMSTERS leader Jim Hoffa kicked off his campaign for national re-election here over the weekend with a call to rebuild the U.S. labor movement by organizing more workers and making unions stronger.
In July, Hoffa and a dissident group of labor leaders led a dramatic split from the AFL-CIO, labor's national governing body, and are expected today to announce the start of a new national labor federation called the Change to Win federation. Full story here.......

Yellow Roadway Corporation Names Michael Rapken Senior Vice President

Yellow RoadwayCorporation announced today that it has named Michael Rapkensenior vice president and chief information officer. Rapken will be responsible for the development of a strategic technology roadmap. He will also focus on the advancement of the Yellow RoadwayTechnologies organization team and build upon existing capabilities to supportfuture growth. Rapken will report directly to Bill Zollars, chairman, president and chiefexecutive officer of Yellow Roadway Corporation. "Michael is an excellent addition to our leadership team," said Zollars."He has the proven skills to lead the Technologies organization inimplementing systems solutions to enhance the customer experience and driveour productivity and synergy initiatives." Rapken will join Yellow Roadway Corporation from Sprint Nextel where he served as vice-president-applications development. Rapken holds a Bachelor ofScience degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Teamsters Wants Drivers Unionized

The Teamsters Union launches an effort to organize South Florida truck drivers today in Miami, a move that could change the way truckers get work at local ports and railyards. Full story here...

Yellow Roadway buys into China firm

Transportation firm Yellow Roadway Corp. said Thursday that it had finalized its deal to buy half of the second-largest air freight importer in China.
Yellow also said its Meridian IQ logistics subsidiary has entered an agreement with Yellow's Chinese partner, JHJ International Transportation Co., to form a joint logistics company in China.
The Overland Park, Kan., company announced in June that it had paid $45 million to buy out all or part of four other partners in JHJ. Yellow will have 50 percent ownership of JHJ with Shanghai Jin Jiang International Industrial Investment Co.
JHJ, which also provides ocean freight forwarding and logistics services, has 22 locations in China and has annual revenue of $330 million.
Yellow said the acquisition will add slightly to annual earnings this year.

Monday, September 12, 2005

DHL to New Yorkers: Have a Hot Dog on Us

DHL is kicking off a new $50 million integrated ad campaign in New York with "random acts of kindness" to prove its commitment to customer service, B to B writes. DHL staffers will be found handing out free copies of the Wall Street Journal to commuters, offering free taxi and rickshaw rides, and giving away free hot dogs, umbrellas, and bottled water. Full story here....

Kroger and Teamsters Team Up to Deliver 20 Refrigerated Trailers to American Red Cross Kitchens in Louisiana

The Kroger Co. and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) are teaming up to donate and deliver 20 refrigerated trailers to American Red Cross kitchens in Louisiana to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

The trucks are filled with bagged ice and will be used for temporary storage. The trucks, which are being loaded by associates at Kroger distribution centers in southern California, Colorado, Kentucky and Tennessee, are scheduled to arrive in Louisiana over the next several days. The trailers will remain in Louisiana for at least six weeks.
The IBT is providing transportation, while Kroger is picking up the cost for the trailers and ice.
"As the hurricane relief and recovery efforts continue, we are proud to partner with the Teamsters to answer the Red Cross' need for refrigerated storage equipment and supplies," said Kevin Dougherty, Kroger group vice president of logistics.
Added Jim Hoffa, general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters: "We are pleased to be able to work with The Kroger Co. and to form a joint effort to assist with the hurricane relief effort and special needs of the Red Cross."
Kroger expects to help raise more than $5 million for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. All of the Company's 3,300+ supermarkets, multi-department stores and convenience stores are accepting donations for the Red Cross.

Roadway Predicts More Akron Jobs

Despite a discouraging earnings forecast that sent Yellow Roadway stock tumbling, the trucking company's chief executive said Friday that he remains committed to maintaining jobs in Akron.
"Our focus will be in growing the business and so our focus would be in increasing the jobs in Akron," William Zollars said a day after announcing the need for better business practices at Akron-based Roadway Express.
The biggest part of the problem came from the installation of a new way to manage Roadway Express distribution terminals, he said. Productivity dropped at about 24 of 30 centers where products are consolidated and placed in trucks or taken off trucks and sorted for new destinations, he said.
"It went real well in five or six (terminals), one of which was in Akron, where productivity got better and efficiency went up," Zollars said. "But unfortunately for about two-thirds of the distribution centers, productivity actually dropped and the efficiency went down and that resulted in a shortfall in earnings for Roadway Express for the third quarter."

The Roadway unit posted record quarterly profit before interest and taxes of $52.2 million in the second quarter.
The company also announced Thursday that Michael J. Smid was promoted to president of Roadway Express, replacing Robert L. Stull. Smid was president of YRC Enterprise Services and chief integration officer.
Yellow Roadway said after the markets closed on Thursday that profit will be as little as $1.40 a share, compared with the $1.60 to $1.65 predicted in July.
Also contributing to about 5 cents per share of the reduced outlook is damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. Zollars said about 50 facilities in the gulf region were affected, but most are back up and running. Seven remain hindered, with three shut down, he said.
Yellow Roadway stock on Friday lost $3.20 or nearly 7 percent to close at $42.81.
Since the companies merged about two years ago, Yellow, based in Overland Park, Kan., and Roadway have operated as separate, competing entities with different trucks, different staffs and different rate schedules.
A lingering concern has been that Yellow Roadway would do what many other merged companies have done -- eliminate duplication and a lot of jobs. But Zollars said addition of jobs is more likely than cuts.
"We're still really focused on growing Roadway Express," he said. "Over time I think that we are going to continue to have more employees in Akron and not fewer."

Friday, September 09, 2005

Yellow Roadway cuts guidance on Katrina damage

Transportation company Yellow Roadway Corp. lowered its guidance for the quarter on Thursday, blaming disruptions caused by Hurricane Katrina and problems integrating new procedures at its Roadway Express division.
The Overland Park-based company said third quarter earnings would range from $1.40 to $1.45 per share, well below the company's earlier expectations of $1.60 to $1.65 per share. Yellow said it would update its annual earnings figures when it releases the earnings next month.
Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial expected quarterly earnings of $1.63 per share, and a full-year profit of $5.44.
Yellow estimated disruptions from Katrina would have a 5 cent per share effect on earnings, although the company added "the situation continues to unfold."
The bulk of the setback, however, was blamed on the company putting new operational procedures in place at Roadway Express and "the associated learning curve that negatively affected efficiency."
The company also announced that Roadway President Robert L. Stull was retiring after 28 years at Yellow and would be replaced immediately with Michael J. Smid, who has held several positions at the company.
Yellow released the new guidance after the markets closed Thursday. Its shares fell 5.2 percent, or $2.41 in after-hours trading after ending regular trading 55 cents lower at $46.01 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
Yellow shares have traded between $43.31 and $64.47 over the past year.

Monday, August 29, 2005

New trucker safety rules are bad policy for everyone

The Bush administration's decision to keep rules that allow, or force, truckers to stay on the road 11 hours a day, six days a week, is bad policy for truckers and the motorists who share the roads with them. Full story here.....

Trade Unions Going Global

“GLOBAL companies need global unions,” says Noel Howell, a spokesman for the Union Network International (UNI), a federation of 900 trades unions from 150 countries. It is hard to think of a single global firm that would agree. Certainly not Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer with 1.6m workers, 1.2m of them in America. It says that unionisation is not “right” for Wal-Mart, at least in America, and that unions “do not want us to succeed”. Full story here....

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yellow Transportation Drivers Capture Top Two Awards at National Truck Driving Championship

Yellow Transportation is proud to announce that Yellow Transportation professional drivers captured the two highest honors at the 2005 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC). Rick Herbert, a driver at the Yellow Transportation service center in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, was named the National Grand Champion after competing with over 360 other drivers from across the United States. Full story here...

U.S. keeps 11-hour truck rule

WASHINGTON — Truck drivers can stay behind the wheel for 11 hours straight without taking a rest, the government said Friday — leaving intact a rule that truckers and safety advocates alike say is dangerous. Full story here.....§ion=Business&storyid=125465

Monday, August 15, 2005

What Teamsters Should Know About Pension Legislation

A Question and Answer Session with Mike Mathis, Director of Government AffairsQ: What is Congress doing to address the problems facing multi-employer pensions?
A: On June 9, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) introduced a pension bill in the House. The bill, H.R. 2830, is comprehensive pension legislation that addresses the funding problems facing both single- and multi-employer pensions. Congressman Boehner is the Chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, which deals with private pension issues for the House of Representatives.
Q: Does the Teamsters Union support this legislation?
A: The Teamsters Union did not endorse this bill as introduced. The bill represents a positive step because Congress finally appears to be willing to address problems faced by multi-employer pension plans. However, the bill that was introduced falls short of the protections and the relief we are seeking for multi-employer plans. But we are at the beginning of a long legislative process with multiple opportunities to make changes to the bill.
Q: Who are the Teamsters working with to get positive legislation passed?
A: The Teamsters are part of a broad-based coalition of more than 50 unions, employers and associations that are members of the Multi-employer Pension Plan Coalition (MPPC). The Coalition’s members are involved in a range of industries, from construction and trucking to the grocery and entertainment industries.
Q: You mentioned a long legislative process. What is the process and how does legislation get enacted?
A: Typically, a committee with oversight of an issue will start by holding a public hearing. Then, a subcommittee usually will debate and vote on a bill. If the bill passes, it gets sent to the full committee for consideration. The committee then will debate and vote on the bill before it can go to the House or Senate floor for full debate and a vote. Sometimes, a bill will go to several committees for consideration before it gets to the full House or Senate. At each level, a bill can be changed—or amended. Both the House and the Senate must pass the bill before it is sent to the president to be signed into law or vetoed. Often, the House and Senate pass different bills, and a committee must be appointed for the two sides to work out their differences.

Q: What is the status of H.R. 2830?
A: A subcommittee of the House Education and Workforce Committee amended and voted on the bill on June 22. The full committee then amended the bill again and passed it on June 30. The bill will now be sent to the House Ways and Means Committee for consideration. This committee has jurisdiction over some tax issues in the bill, as well as some pension provisions. When Ways and Means passes the bill, it will go to the Rules Committee and then to the full House for consideration.

Q: What is the status of pension legislation in the Senate?
A: The Senate Finance Committee considered and voted on a pension bill just prior to the August recess. As with the House, jurisdiction over pension legislation is shared with another committee, in this case the Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. The HELP committee plans to move forward on pension legislation after the August recess. We, and our coalition partners, have been meeting with House and Senate committee members and staff, both Republicans and Democrats, to push for strong multi-employer pension provisions.

Q: Can this legislation be fixed so that we can support it?
A: We believe it can, and there are several opportunities to make changes. We are working hard, along with our coalition partners, to educate and persuade members of Congress, particularly committee members, to adopt the changes we believe are important to maintaining viable multi-employer plans and protecting core pension benefits. The committee level is where we have the first opportunities to impact the bill.

Q: What happens if Congress does not complete action on pension legislation this year?
A: This is the first year of a new, two-year congressional session. If Congress does not complete action on a bill this year, it would pick up next year where it left off in the process. However, we expect Congress to act this year to produce a good bill that protects core benefits and ensures viable multi-employer pension plans in the future.
Q: What happens if the legislation is bad?
A: At some point near the end of the legislative process, the Teamsters Union may determine that the pension bill will actually harm multi-employer pension plans and the 750,000 Teamsters who participate in them. If that’s the case, General President Hoffa has committed every available resource to ensuring that we defeat that bill and begin to work again at promoting our proposal in a different piece of legislation.

CIO Magazine: ABF Among World's Top 100 Companies

For the second consecutive year, ABF Freight System Inc. of Fort Smith is among the winners of CIO magazine's annual CIO 100 awards competition.
The magazine said the annual award program honors organizations that "exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence" in information technology. The magazine said it chose the company based on ABF's use of IT to expand and enhance accessibility and usability of its shipping solutions for one-time or infrequent freight shippers.
"A growing number of consumers have an occasional need for larger-than-parcel service," ABF President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Davidson said. "When they buy or sell an item at an online auction site or when they need to send items to a friend or relative, shipping them can seem overwhelming. ABF has simplified the process for getting a competitive rate quotation for moving the freight, completing a bill of lading, scheduling the freight pickup, and tracking the shipment during transport."

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Trucking company to settle for $7 million

Trucking company Yellow Roadway has agreed to pay $7 million to settle a class-action suit brought last year by 1,900 employees.Yellow Roadway will pay the claims on behalf of USF Corp., which it acquired in May. Workers brought the case against USF, the former parent company of unionized USF Red Star, because it closed 26 freight terminals, including one in Allentown, and laid off the workers without advance notice. Full story here..,0,6526240.story?coll=all-businesslocal-hed

Monday, August 08, 2005

NC unions on both sides of labor fight see need for change

Events in Chicago last week sent a ripple through central North Carolina Piedmont union halls as a Teamster local president in Greensboro sought to explain to rank-and-file union members why his union walked out of the AFL-CIO, and a small-town mayor in Randolph County looked upon Teamsters’ defection as a knife blade cutting through the heart of the labor movement. Full story here....

2005 National Truck Driving Championships

Each year the ATA Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council hosts the National Truck Driving Championships, one of ATA's largest programs, known to many as the "Super Bowl of Safety." The 2005 NTDC will be ATA's 68th annual Championship competition. It is at NTDC that the best professional truck drivers in the country gather to vie for national titles in various classifications and for the top honor of NTDC Grand Champion. Full story here...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Double Victory for DHL Workers in Oklahoma

Within 24 hours of each other, workers at J&K and A-1—two DHL independent cartage contractors (ICCs) in Oklahoma City—voted to join Local 886. The J&K drivers voted on July 25 by a margin of nearly 4-1, and the drivers at A-1 voted July 26 by nearly a 2-1 margin in favor of Teamsters representation.These recent victories are part of a national campaign to organize drivers at DHL ICCs. Local 886 spearheaded the organizing efforts with assistance from the International Organizing Department.“We have won three out of three campaigns in the past month using the organizing model,” said John Howry, President of Local 886 in Oklahoma City. “The model that the International has set out with house visits was very instrumental in winning these victories.”Drivers at J&K and A-1, who work long hours with no overtime pay and no paid sick leave, wanted a strong voice at work.“The number one reason I wanted to join a union was for respect,” said Angela Miller, a driver at A-1. “The election came out exactly the way I thought it was going to, and I am very happy to be union.”

ABF Receives National Safety Council Award

ABF Freight System, Inc.(R), is the recipient of the 2005 Fleet Contest Division Leader Award from the National Safety Council (NSC). Presented during the Annual NSC Safety Awards Banquet June 30 in Los Angeles, the award recognizes outstanding performance in transportation safety.
"ABF professional drivers contribute daily to safe and secure freight transportation throughout North America," said ABF Safety and Security Director Jim McFarlin, who accepted the award on behalf of the 7,000 professional drivers employed by ABF. "Safety is always a top priority at ABF, and it's an honor to have our safety efforts recognized with this prestigious award from the NSC."
Founded in 1913 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953, the NSC is an international nonprofit public service organization providing programs, products and services to 30 million people employed at 48,000 member facilities worldwide. Based in Itasca, Illinois, the NSC offers occupational safety, driver improvement and emergency care training to protect employees and businesses.

Established in 1923, ABF(R) is one of North America's oldest and most reputable motor carriers. It continues to be recognized as a benchmark for safety, security, technology and freight-handling standards. Last year, the ATA awarded ABF the Excellence in Security Award, the 28th time the organization has recognized ABF since 1971.

Profit up sharply at Yellow Roadway

Yellow Roadway Corp. continued rolling along in the second quarter, posting sharp gains in earnings and revenues. Full story here

Union emphasizing roots

Staff writer Karin Rives spoke with Jack Cipriani, president of Teamsters Local 391, about how the split will affect his union. Local 391 has offices in Greensboro, Raleigh and Reidsville and 12,000 members at more than 100 businesses and school systems statewide. It's the largest union in the state. Full story here

Yellow boosts presence in China

It has yet to put trucks on the road in China, but Yellow Roadway Corp. has taken a major step toward raising its profile in that country. Last month, the carrier announced that it was investing in a Chinese freight-forwarding business. Yellow Roadway will spend $45 million to buy a 50-percent stake in JHJ International Transportation Co Ltd., the freightforwarding subsidiary of Shanghai Jin Jiang International Industrial Investment Co. Ltd.
Based in Shanghai, JHJ is the second largest airfreight forwarder in China. JHJ also offers ocean freight forwarding and logistics services through a domestic network of 22 locations, including five customs warehouses adjacent to the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. JHJ,which employs more than 1,000 people, reported 2004 revenue of $330 million.
"Our objective is to provide seamless, end-to-end global transportation solutions to our customers," says Bill Zollars, chairman, president and CEO of Yellow Roadway Corp. "The joint venture with Jin Jiang advances this objective by significantly expanding our scale and capabilities in China." The deal, which is subject to the Chinese government's approval, is expected to close this fall.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PARADE Readying Second Attack on Trucking and Drivers

Despite new studies confirming that truck drivers are operating safer and that loading docks are being run more efficiently, PARADE, the tabloid-style Sunday newspaper insert is “revisiting” the trucking industry and the Hours-of-Service issue. The article is expected to run by September 2005. Full story here.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

USF Reddaway Contract Boosts Wages, Benefits

Workers Ratify Four-Year Pact

By a 2-1 margin, freight Teamsters at USF Reddaway have ratified a new four-year contract that raises wages and benefits, boosts job security and contains other improvements.
“In addition to providing increased wages and benefits, the contract calls for an expedited election process for the unorganized terminals at USF Reddaway,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “This will help more USF Reddaway workers get a strong voice at work. It will benefit all the Teamsters who work at Reddaway.” Full story here.....

Monday, July 11, 2005

Truckers to honor strike at Asarco

A national company that moves freight for Asarco LLC confirmed Wednesday that its drivers won't cross picket lines at the Tucson-based company's operations in Arizona and Texas.
"Our drivers are Teamsters, and they're honoring the strike, so we do not have any that are willing to cross the lines," said Zachary Lacombe, Tucson branch manager for ABF Freight System Inc., 2943 E. Wieding Road.
The local center has 12 drivers who would normally be hauling supplies in and out of Asarco's Mission Mine near Sahuarita and Silver Bell Mine near Marana, Lacombe said. Drivers for the company's Phoenix service center, which serves Asarco's Hayden Mill and Smelter and Ray Mine, were also declining to haul freight, he said.
"It's a tough situation that we'll have to kind of play by ear, because if the strike lasts long enough, we'll have to contract some of the company's shipments out," Lacombe said.
ABF is one of many local suppliers and contractors for Asarco that are grappling with the 6-day-old strike. About 1,500 workers have walked out of the company's Amarillo, Texas, refinery and all its Arizona operations: a mill and a smelter in Hayden and the Ray, Mission and Silver Bell mines.
While the strike will affect local businesses that supply and service Asarco operations and equipment, most of those businesses should have enough other customers to weather it, said Randy Walker, general manager of Sonoran Process Equipment Co., 1687 W. Grant Road, which repairs components for Asarco's mills.
"They're probably about 10 percent of our business, but we pretty much position ourselves so we can't get hit too hard with strikes or other problems like this," Walker said. "But we don't want to lose them as a customer and we want to get this strike solved as soon as possible."
Another local company that services equipment at Asarco's operations at the Mission and Ray mines and the Hayden Smelter may actually see more business due to the strike, its owner said.
"It could be that since they're running at lower manpower that they're going to have to sub (subcontract) more stuff out," said Ralph Scaramella, owner of Hydraulic Systems Inc., 4617 S. Contractors Way.
Despite a possible uptick in his company's business, Scaramella said he was hoping for a quick resolution to the strike.
"I really hope it ends soon, because it makes it tough not only for small companies that service the mines but on all these small towns that rely so much on them," he said.

Yellow Roadway Corporation Schedules Second Quarter Conference Call for July 29, 2005

-- Yellow Roadway Corporation will host a conference call for shareholders and the investment community on Friday, July 29, 2005, beginning at 9:30 am ET, 8:30 am CT. Second quarter earnings will be released after the market close on Thursday, July 28, 2005.

Hosting the teleconference will be: Bill Zollars-Chairman, President and CEO, Yellow Roadway Corporation; Don Barger-Sr. Vice President and CFO, Yellow Roadway Corporation; Jim Staley-President, YRC Regional Transportation; James Welch-President, Yellow Transportation; Bob Stull-President, Roadway Express; and Jim Ritchie-President, Meridian IQ.
Investors and analysts should dial 1.888.609.3912 at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the call.
The conference call will be open to listeners through a live webcast via StreetEvents at and via the Yellow Roadway Corporation Internet site
An audio playback will be available beginning two hours after the call ends until midnight on August 12, 2005, by calling 1.800.642.1687 and then entering the access code 7535342. An audio playback also will be available for 30 days after the call via the StreetEvents and Yellow Roadway Corporation web sites.
Yellow Roadway Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the largest transportation service providers in the world. Through its subsidiaries including Yellow Transportation, Roadway Express, Reimer Express, USF, New Penn Motor Express, Meridian IQ and Yellow Roadway Technologies, Yellow Roadway provides a wide range of asset and non-asset based transportation services integrated by technology. The portfolio of brands provided through Yellow Roadway Corporation subsidiaries represents a comprehensive array of services for the shipment of industrial, commercial and retail goods domestically and internationally. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, Yellow Roadway Corporation employs over 70,000 people.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The incredible shrinking trucking industry

FOR SOME TRUCKERS, IT'S THE BEST OF TIMES, A GOLDEN AGE IN WHICH they find their trucks packed, their revenues solid and their profits at record levels. For others, it's the worst of times, a nightmarish period in which they scarcely emerge from one crisis before being battered by the next round of fuel price hikes or staffing shortages. Full story here.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Building a Stronger Labor Movement

Change To Win Coalition{E6AF9F22-F1A2-4609-A447-50073D1BF928}}

DHL drivers return to work, but conflict endures

A dozen drivers who deliver packages on behalf of DHL on Monday morning returned to their jobs with an independent contractor accused of violating their labor rights.It may be a few months, however, before the Teamsters labor union and Rydbom Express iron out an employment contract for the drivers, who had been out of work since March, according to Teamsters officials.Union leaders and a few politicians stood by outside Rydbom Express' offices on Parkway South as the 12 drivers, half of whom were wearing yellow DHL shirts, reported to work at 8:30 a.m.The federal National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against Rydbom Express, a Harrisburg, Pa.-based company accused of violating labor laws when it was given a contract earlier this year to handle DHL's local operations. The drivers had worked for Black Bear Courier of Orono, which lost its Brewer and Presque Isle contracts with DHL after its employees voted in January to join the Teamsters. DHL has denied that the vote had anything to do with the contract.According to an amended charge filed earlier this month with the NLRB, Rydbom Express is accused of having "interrogated prospective employees regarding their union activity, threatened prospective employees, made statements to the effect that unionization is futile, and created an impression of surveillance."Kathleen McCarthy of NLRB's Boston office said Monday a hearing on the complaint has been scheduled to take place in front of a judge on Aug. 2. A location for the public proceeding has not yet been selected, she said."We'll schedule it someplace in the Bangor area," McCarthy said. No complaint is being pursued against Granite State Express, the Portsmouth, N.H., company that took over DHL's deliveries out of Presque Isle, because all but one of the 25 former Black Bear Courier drivers there have been rehired or found jobs elsewhere, Teamsters officials have said.James Carson, president of Teamsters Local 340 in South Portland, said Monday that though the drivers have returned to work, it likely will take several months of negotiations for Rydbom and the Teamsters to agree on an employment contract. One issue likely to be discussed is back pay that Rydbom allegedly owes the union drivers, he indicated."Stayed tuned, because this is a long way from over," Carson said. "It's quite a game, I tell you, and it's being played nationally."

Roadway plans to consolidate billing in Toledo

Trucking company Roadway Express Inc. plans to consolidate its national billing operations in Toledo, bringing at least 75 jobs that pay about $20 an hour.
The firm, in its notice this month to the Teamsters who represent the affected workers now in 18 states, said it hopes to complete the move in August. Employees would be permitted to transfer, but the plan could mean some would not, creating employment locally.
Where the office would be is uncertain, but the firm has a trucking terminal at 6180 Hagman Rd.
The company did not return calls yesterday seeking comment. Bill Lichtenwald, president of Teamsters Local 20 in Toledo, said the proposal is far from a done deal, because each of the affected Teamsters locals and the union's top executives would have to agree to it.
"There's always that possibility it could not go through," he said.
However, the company said the consolidated office would mean 78 union jobs in Toledo, including three already here.
Those jobs would pay $20 an hour through the end of the labor contract in May, 2009.
It was unclear whether additional non-union jobs also would be part of the consolidation.
Mr. Litchenwald said Teamsters locals in 17 states that would lose jobs to Toledo have a right to protest.
Each site with the clerical operation typically has one to three employees, but the largest operation is in Atlanta, with 11 jobs, according to the Roadway notice.
Roadway, of Akron, said in its June 7 letter to the Teamsters that the move complies with the National Master Freight Agreement between the company and union. It would allow the company to enhance its competitive advantage, a key item for obtaining approval, by reducing costs, improving shipping accuracy, and permitting more flexibility.
The company now performs the billing operations at many of its terminals, which "creates disruption of freight movement, lower productivity, and reduced quality," the firm said in its letter.
The trucking firm plans to centralize its customer-billing calculation operation in Toledo and to set up a centralized collection department in Los Angeles, with 14 jobs.
The company, in its notice to the union, has proposed an Aug. 22 transfer of affected employees, but Mr. Lichtenwald said the union's hearing process could take two months and a decision is unlikely until September.

Yellow's $45M deal puts plan for China into a higher gear

Yellow Roadway Corp. will spend $45 million to buy a 50 percent stake in a Chinese freight-forwarding business.
Overland Park-based Yellow said June 17 that it and Shanghai Jin Jiang International Industrial Investment Co. Ltd. would be equal partners in Shanghai-based freight-forwarding company JHJ International Transportation Co.
The joint venture is subject to approval by the government and is expected to close in the fall. It will include equal board membership from Jin Jiang and Yellow Roadway.
Although excited about the JHJ venture, Yellow Roadway CEO Bill Zollars said the company would continue to look for a Chinese trucking company to add to its portfolio, as well.
"Part of our strategy will still be to look for an opportunity in the ground transportation area in China," he said. "But what this (JHJ venture) does for us is it raises our profile there and gives us more scale and a chance to learn as we go."
He said he did not have a timeline for adding wheels on the ground in China, adding that "we're trying to be careful with every step we take in China."
Zollars said in May that he wanted to acquire a trucking company in China this year. The plan, he said then, was to start small in the Shanghai region, supporting big customers that Yellow serves in the States.
In March, Yellow Roadway cracked into the booming Asian market when its logistics subsidiary, Meridian IQ, bought Shanghai-based GPS Logistics Group.
JHJ is the second-largest air-freight forwarder in China and also offers ocean freight-forwarding and logistics services through a network of 22 locations. JHJ employs more than 1,000 people and reported 2004 revenue of $330 million.
Shanghai Jin Jiang, a publicly traded subsidiary of conglomerate Jin Jiang International Holding Co., also engages in the passenger transportation and logistics industries in China.
"Jin Jiang is one of the most recognized brand names in China," Yellow Roadway said in a release

Friday, June 24, 2005

Yellow Roadway plans to close regional carrier

Yellow Roadway Corp. said Monday that it would close USF Dugan, one of its recently acquired regional carriers, beginning July 8.
The Wichita-based unit’s area of operations will be filled by other regional carriers operated by YRC Regional Transportation, which was formed when Overland Park-based Yellow Roadway completed its acquisition of USF Corp. for $1.37 billion last month.
Dugan was one of four regional carriers operated by Chicago-based USF, which was struggling before being bought by Yellow Roadway. One of USF’s operational problems had been that Dugan overlapped its service territory with other USF trucking firms, according to transportation analysts.
Dugan has about 2,300 employees, including about 1,900 drivers and dock workers, said Jim Staley, president of YRC Regional, which is based in Akron, Ohio. The company does not know how many employees will remain with the company. He said all Dugan employees have been encouraged to apply for jobs with the carrier moving into their area.
They are USF Holland, USF Bestway and USF Reddaway. Some of Dugan’s service areas are served by Holland and Bestway. The company hopes customers will transfer business to the other carriers.
“We’re hoping to retain a large part of that group, but it will depend on how successful we are in keeping our customer base,” he said.
Holland will move into Dugan’s service area in Missouri and northeastern Kansas. Dugan has a terminal in Kansas City, Kan., that will be acquired by Holland, according to USF’s Web site. Dugan has more than 150 employees there.
Holland will also acquire Dugan’s Missouri terminals in Joplin and Springfield. Other Missouri terminals operated by Dugan, such as in St. Louis and Columbia, will be shut down.
Most of Dugan’s other terminals throughout Kansas will be acquired by Bestway. The terminal in Topeka will close.
Staley said there was no final assessment yet on the cost of closing Dugan. However, the company noted that its previous 2005 earnings-per-share forecast of $5.35 to $5.50 includes the closing of Dugan.
The hourly employees of Holland, USF’s biggest operating unit, are represented by the Teamsters union. The Teamsters were trying to organize Dugan before the buyout by Yellow Roadway, and workers at a few terminals had voted in favor of the union.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

California drivers file class action lawsuit against DHL

Three drivers for DHL have filed a class action lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court against the company, challenging the illegal classification of many of its drivers as independent contractors, which has allowed the company to avoid paying overtime wages and to require workers to bankroll the cost of their delivery vehicles, including running costs, and many other expenses.
The Sacramento drivers are among hundreds of DHL workers nationwide who have chosen Teamster union representation in the past several months.
Under California law, employers are required to pay all necessary employee expenses. They are also required to pay non-exempt employees a rate of time-and-a-half for work exceeding eight hours a day and forty hours a week.
“DHL ads say their drivers are 'lean and hungry,' and it's quite literally true,” said Pilar Barton, organizing director for Teamsters Local 150. “DHL drivers average between $7 and $9 per hour with no medical benefits, no retirement and no paid sick leave, vacation or holidays. DHL's business plan to compete with UPS is poverty wages, high turnover, and vicious Union-busting.”
The lawsuit demands payment of back wages and employee expenses going back four years. It is filed as a class action on behalf of all current and former DHL drivers throughout California who were improperly classified as independent contractors.
DHL does not hire its drivers directly, but uses contractor companies to retain them. The lawsuit also names one such contractor, DNM Delivery Solutions, and its owner, Dewey McDaniel.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More deliveries for Teamsters

Workers at a DHL contractor in St. Joseph have voted to form a bargaining unit, the second delivery firm in the region to join a union as part of a nationwide Teamsters effort.
An election May 20 resulted in 15 employees voting in favor of the union and nine voting against the union at Mid-Continent Transport, said Dan Hubbel, assistant regional director of the National Labor Relations Board in Overland Park. Thirty-one hourly employees will join Teamsters Local 955.
No objections over the election were filed by Friday, according to Hubbel, and this most likely will mean that the results will be certified.
The owner of Mid-Continent Transport declined to comment.
Cairo Potts, Local 955 business representative, said workers at Mid-Continent were concerned with wages, benefits and seniority.
“They definitely needed this,” he said.
The vote in St. Joseph was the second time this month that area Teamsters officials successfully organized a company making deliveries for DHL, the express-delivery company owned by Deutsche Post. Earlier, more than 30 employees at Great Plains Transportation Inc. in Kansas City voted in favor of joining Teamsters Local 41.
The Teamsters said more than 1,300 U.S. employees at ground-delivery subcontractors for DHL had voted to join the union. The union overall represents about 10,000 DHL workers.
However, the union said nearly 400 workers around the country had lost their jobs after DHL severed their contractor agreements with local delivery firms following the decision to organize. A Teamsters delegation went to Cologne, Germany, earlier this month to meet with German and other union officials over these moves by the U.S. DHL subsidiary. The meetings coincided with Deutsche Post's annual meeting.

Monday, May 30, 2005

ATA: there is a better way to screen hazmat drivers

As of May 31 every hazardous materials hauler, even those who have hauled hazmat loads for as many as 30 years, must undergo a fingerprint-based background check. However, officials at the American Trucking Associations said the program needs “immediate attention.” Full story here............

Thursday, May 26, 2005

ABF Freight System, Inc. Premium Service Change of Operations

Affecting Locals 29, 110, 118, 170, 171, 182, 191, 251, 264, 294, 312, 317, 340, 355, 375, 384, 391, 397, 401, 429, 443, 445, 449 (Information Only), 470, 493, 529, 557, 560, 592, 597, 633, 653, 671, 687, 693, 707, 771, 773, 776, 822, and 992
ABF Freight System, Inc. Multi-Region Premium Service Change of Operations -MR-PS-CO-03-05/2005
The following is the decision from the ABF Freight System Premium Service Change of Operations MR-PS-CO-03-05/2005, which was heard at a special hearing May 17, 2005, at the Myrtle Beach Marriott at the Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach, SC.
DECISION: The Company’s proposed Premium Service Employee Workday/Workweek Agreement (PSE) Change of Operations is approved as modified and clarified by the parties on the record with the following provisions:
1. The request of the New York State Local unions to have functioning air conditioners in all PSE equipment is approved.
2. Based on the request of the various Local Unions for the Company to provide PSE sign-in and sign-out sheets at touch terminals is approved.
3. The request of Local 776 to have all PSE hostling performed by Local 776 employees is specifically denied. However, this provision is not intended to allow a PSE employee to perform any hostling of core business equipment, and there shall be no reduction of present hostler bids.
4. There shall be no interlining of PSE business with a nonunion carrier.
5. The issues relative to layoffs that were raised by the New England Local Unions must be resolved prior to implementation, and a copy of the resolution is to be provided to the Co-Chairmen.
6. The document entitled “ABF Freight System, Inc. Premium Service Employee Workday/Workweek Agreement” executed by the Company and the Union on behalf of TNFINC and the Eastern Region Local Unions is incorporated in this decision by reference.
7. Approval of this PSE Change of Operations is not intended to violate any provision of the NMFA and the Letter of Understanding relative to Article 18 and the applicable supplemental agreements.
8. Implementation shall not be sooner than May 29, 2005.

Shippers learn to live in interesting times

SHIPPERS MAY NOT BE ENJOYING THE TURBULENT TIMES THEY'VE been thrust into, but they're learning to deal with them. After nearly 25 years of calling the shots in what basically amounted to a buyer's market for trucking service, they're having to adjust to a new reality. In recent months, industry consolidation and a severe driver shortage have conspired to limit, if not shrink, truck capacity nationwide. As a result, shippers report that it's not only getting tougher to find a truck, but if they do find one, it's costing them a lot more to hire it. More here......

Yellow boss says to expect more LTL consolidation

Yellow Roadway Corp. chairman and chief executive William Zollars in an interview with Marketwatch this week that he predicted further LTL consolidation in North America. Zollars said that four or five big companies would eventually handle most regional, second-day and other LTL business. See full story here..........

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

YRC Regional Corp

Trucking company Yellow Roadway Corp. will open a subsidiary in the Akron area that will add about 30 jobs here.
The subsidiary, YRC Regional Corp., will begin operating out of leased space June 1 at 3517 Embassy Parkway, on the Fairlawn and Bath Township line. The newly established subsidiary will include companies New Penn Motor Express, USF Holland, USF Reddaway, USF Dugan, USF Bestway and USF Glen Moore. Yellow Roadway closed on its acquisition of USF Corp. on Tuesday.
Some personnel will relocate from Chicago, some will transfer from the Roadway Express Akron facility, and others will be new hires, the Kansas-based trucking company said.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yellow Roadway closes USF acquisition, increases guidance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Yellow Roadway Corp. said Tuesday it was increasing its quarterly and annual earnings estimates as it closed its acquisition of regional trucking company USF Corp. Full story here......

Monday, May 23, 2005

USF shareholders approve Yellow Roadway deal

Trucking company USF Corp. said Monday that a majority of its shareholders approved selling the company to Yellow Roadway Corp. for $1.37 billion in cash and stock.
The deal is expected to be closed on Tuesday, USF said in a news release. A telephone conference call featuring Yellow chairman and CEO Bill Zollars is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. EDT Tuesday.
USF, based in Chicago, said that 99.5 percent of votes cast favored the acquisition and 61.5 percent of shareholders voted. Following the closing, USF shareholders will receive for each of their shares $29.25 in cash and the right to receive 0.31584 shares of Yellow stock.
The deal originally involved a 50/50 split in stock and cash, but Yellow executives three weeks ago changing it to a 65/35 cash-stock split. The change brought the level of new Yellow stock below the 20 percent threshold that would have required a vote of the company's shareholders.
Zollars has said the combination will strengthen the Overland Park, Kan.-based company's position in the less-than-truckload business, which transports freight from several customers in the same vehicle, as well as give Yellow a presence in the next-day delivery business.
He said he expects Yellow can wring $40 million in savings from USF in the first year and $150 million long-term. However, trucking analysts said they remain skeptical that Yellow can achieve those numbers during a period of smaller loads and higher fuel costs.
Yellow shares were up 32 cents, or 0.6 percent, to $53.36 in midday trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company's stock has traded in a 52-week range of $32.99 to $64.47 per share. USF shares were up 13 cents, or 0.28 percent, to $46.12 in midday trading on the Nasdaq. The company's stock has traded in a 52-week range of $27.51 to $50.91.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Yellow Transportation and Sprint Announce Sponsorship of the Kansas Busch Series Race on Behalf of United Way

In an unprecedented event, twoleading Kansas City area corporations -- Yellow Transportation and Sprint --today announced that they would sponsor this year's NASCAR Busch Series raceat Kansas Speedway on behalf of the Greater Kansas City United Ways. Therace, to be run on October 8, 2005 and televised nationally on NBC, will beknown as "United Way 300 Presented by Yellow Transportation and Sprint." Full story here..........

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Teamsters Deliver Message to DHL: Respect Workers' Rights to Organize

Thousands of Teamsters Tell Company to Stop Thwarting Union Campaigns; Delegation Meets With German Union at DPWN Shareholder Meeting. Full story here...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yellow Roadway seeks $250 million

Yellow Roadway Corp. is seeking $250 million from a private offering of senior floating rate notes to help finance the cash portion of its pending acquisition of USF Corp.
In a filing Tuesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Overland Park-based Yellow Roadway said the proceeds from the note offering would be used in addition to borrowings under a $450 million receivables financing facility, a $500 million senior unsecured revolving credit facility and cash on hand.
Shareholders of Chicago-based USF vote May 23 on whether to accept Yellow Roadway’s merger offer. If approved, the deal is expected to be completed May 24.
Yellow Roadway shares closed up 33 cents at $50.43. USF shares were down 9 cents at $44.99.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

DHL reins in its ambitions in US market

DHL, the package delivery arm of Deutsche Post, has said it does not want to chase US market share from UPS and FedEx, signalling a reining in of the company's ambitions in North America. Full story here.......

Teamsters to Closely Monitor Acquisition to Insure Members' Jobs are Protected

(Washington, DC) - Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa said today that the Teamsters Union will closely monitor UPS’ purchase of trucking company Overnite Corporation to make sure members’ jobs are not adversely impacted by the purchase. Full story here........

Monday, May 16, 2005

UPS to Buy Overnite for $1.25 Billion

Package-delivery company UPS Inc. on Monday said it is acquiring trucking firm Overnite Corp. for about $1.25 billion in cash, expanding its portfolio of ground-transportation services. Full story here........

Sunday, May 15, 2005

US trucking co Yellow Roadway in talks with Chinese freight firms - report

Yellow Roadway Corp is poised to become the first US trucking company to operate in China, responding to growing demand from importers overseas for reliable freight services, the Financial Times reported. Full story here.....§ion=news&news_id=dji-00014920050515&date=20050515&alias=/alias/money/cm/nw

John Alden Joins the Board of Directors of Arkansas Best Corporation

Arkansas Best Corporation today announced that John W. Alden, former Vice Chairman of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. (UPS), has been appointed to the Arkansas Best Corporation Board of Directors, effective May 12, 2005. Full story here

Friday, May 13, 2005


Teamsters Head to the Hill to Fight for Drivers' Rights

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters took a stand for drivers' rights at a hearing held by the U.S. House of Representatives Highways, Transit and Pipelines Subcommittee on May 11, to discuss the current process for hazardous material endorsement background checks. Full story here............

Bill Zollars

Yellow Reports Doubling of Profits in 1Q

Yellow Roadway Corp. on Thursday said it more than doubled first-quarter profits, beating Wall Street predictions, as it saw record revenues in all of its trucking and logistics divisions. For the three months ending March 31, the Overland Park, Kan.-based company reported earnings of $48.89 million, or 96 cents per share, compared with $18.16 million, or 38 cents per share, in the same quarter a year ago. Excluding money it made from disposing of property, Yellow Roadway had earnings of 92 cents per share. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial expected earnings of 91 cents per share. Revenues for the quarter increased 8 percent to $1.68 billion. "Our first quarter results reflect the strong and sustained performance of all of our operating compani! es supported by a good economy, cost synergies and firm pricing," Bill Zollars, Yellow's chairman, president and chief executive officer, said in a written statement. Results were released after the market closed Thursday, but Yellow shares closed up $1.95, or 3.9 percent, to $51.81 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. They fell $1.41 cents, or 2.7 percent, in after-hours trading. Yellow shares have been trading at a 52-week range of $32.01 to $64.47. The results came against a backdrop of fuel price hikes and slowing shipping demand, which have tripped up other freight haulers, including USF Corp., the company Yellow plans to acquire later this year. Chicago-based USF said two weeks ago that a slowdown in the auto industry and competition elsewhere in the country would push earnings to between 12 cents and 16 cents a share, far below analysts' estimates of 38 cents per share. USF will report first quarter results Friday. Yellow's three trucking divisions showed strong growth from the prior year. Yellow Transportation earnings increased 71.7 percent to $46.2 million on revenues of $791.2 million; Roadway Express profits more than doubled to $36.5 million on revenues of $766 million; New Penn Express earnings increased 39.6 percent to $8 million on revenues of $65 million; and the company's Meridian IQ logistics business reported earnings of $1.03 million on revenues of $56.4 million. The company said it continued to expect annual earnings between $5.10 and $5.30 per share, including a 29-cent dilution from convertible securities, and second quarter earnings between $1.25 and $1.35. Those expectations don't include any impact from the USF merger.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Roadway's sponsorship of “Times of Greatness”

The legends of Negro League baseball, most of them long gone, came alive inside a posh moving van-turned traveling museum that rolled up outside the stadium parking lot for a one-night visit.

The van, custom-fitted with touch-screen displays, vintage movie clips and dazzling uniform display cases, was on the third stop of a nationwide tour to rekindle the history of the old Negro Leagues, which were founded in 1920 and began to fade after World War II when Major League Baseball finally allowed Blacks to play."For a lot of folks, particularly for our young people, this will be their first introduction to the fact that there was even a Negro League," said Bob Kendrick, marketing director for the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City, which is co-sponsoring the tour with Roadway Express Inc.Titled "Times of Greatness," the exhibit reminds fans that Robinson played in the Negro Leagues long before he became the majors' first Black player. It highlights the legendary career of Paige, the Hall of Fame pitcher who spent 21 years in the Negro Leagues before making his major league debut at age 42, and chronicles Doby, the first Black to play in the American League. It tells the story of Manley, one of the first female owner-managers of a professional sports team, who fought for better schedules, better travel and better salaries for her players."When we make these stops, the common reaction is: 'I didn't know that,' " Kendrick said. "What Roadway has done (is) wet (fans') appetite so they will want to make plans to come to Kansas City." For more information, check

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

DHL contractor's workers will join Teamsters

Workers at Great Plains Transportation Inc., an area contractor for express delivery firm DHL, voted to unionize last week.
Great Plains becomes the first area company to be touched by the Teamsters' national campaign to organize firms that contract with DHL, the giant delivery company owned by Deutsche Post. Another election is scheduled on May 20 at Mid-Continent Transport, a DHL contractor in St. Joseph.
With 32 eligible employees at Great Plains, 23 voted in favor of joining Teamsters Local 41 and three voted against, according to Dan Hubbel, assistant to the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board.
Alonzo White, owner of Great Plains, could not be reached for comment Friday. A union official said he did not expect the company to contest the election, which was conducted by the NLRB.
“I don't think there will be any objections,” said Mike Corns, a Teamsters national organizer. “I think this one was pretty clean.”
Corns said the margin of victory was indicative of employees who are frustrated by low wages, unaffordable health benefits and excessive overtime.
“It sent a clear message that their workers want to make a change,” he said. “Hopefully, negotiations on a contract will start right away. The local will be pursuing that pretty aggressively.”
Hubbel said the NLRB is continuing to investigate the union's charge that a Great Plains employee was fired for engaging in union activity. A ruling should be forthcoming, he said.
Corns said the results at Great Plains gave the union hope about the upcoming vote in St. Joseph. Mid-Continent Transport has about 30 drivers and dock workers who will be deciding whether to join Teamsters Local 955.
Corns said management at the St. Joseph firm has been aggressive in trying to persuade its employees to vote against the union.
The Teamsters have said more than 1,300 workers at DHL contractor firms around the country have voted to join the union. In late April, 66 employees at three delivery companies in the Miami area voted in favor of forming a bargaining unit.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

High Tech Tracking in LTL Trucking

Looks like to be a main player in LTL your tracking technology must be current and real time. Seems tracking is as important as pickup and delivery. New Penn Introduces NP-Connex.........

Saturday, May 07, 2005

ABF President’s Quality Awards winners named

ABF Freight Systems has selected four North American customer service centers to receive its President’s Quality Award, the highest internal recognition available to ABF service centers. Presented annually by ABF to facilities that best exemplify the ABF Quality Process, this year’s award-winning facilities are located in Carlisle and Chester, PA; Fargo, ND; and South Bend, IN.
The winning facilities were among 286 ABF service centers that competed in the rigorous selection process, which gauges resource management, damage/loss prevention, customer satisfaction and other key performance indicators.
“Quality is a subject we take very seriously at ABF,” said Bob Davidson, president & CEO. “Highly motivated employees in our customer service centers use the ABF Quality Process to achieve quantifiable results that include satisfied customers and significant cost savings. The customer service teams in Fargo, South Bend, Chester and Carlisle are the best of the best. Their versatility, attention to detail and conscientious approach to customer service is a benchmark for best practices in the transportation industry.”

Thursday, May 05, 2005