Friday, October 13, 2006

Teamsters, UPS Freight Continue Contract Negotiations

Union Presents Non-Economic Proposals

On October 11, the Teamsters continued contract talks with UPS Freight, and both sides expressed optimism that an agreement could be reached in the near future. The talks cover 125 drivers and dockworkers in Indianapolis who recently joined Local 135 through a card-check and neutrality agreement.

Representing the union in Washington, D.C. this week were Ken Hall, Director of the Teamsters Parcel and Small Package Division, Gordon Sweeton, Assistant Director of the National Freight Division, and Brian Buhle, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 135.

During the meeting, leaders from both the union and the company reiterated their commitment to seeing a contract negotiated smoothly and quickly.

“We made it clear to the company that we have every intention of negotiating a model contract for Indianapolis, one that we will use to organize the 15,000 former Overnite workers at over 300 UPS Freight terminals nationwide,” Hall said.

“UPS Freight workers in Indianapolis gave us guidance during a recent proposal meeting, and we will make sure we address their concerns about retirement security, health care and other important issues,” Sweeton said.

The union presented non-economic proposals this week to company negotiators. A proposal meeting with workers in Indianapolis was held in late September, where UPS Freight drivers provided valuable input for a model UPS Freight contract.

“Our union’s negotiators did a great job clarifying the various issues and answering our questions,” said David Osborn, a 20-year employee of Overnite/UPS Freight. “We’re very excited to be Teamsters, and we look forward to a great contract.”

“Our Freight and UPS members will be closely following these negotiations and will continue to offer their support to the UPS Freight workers as we get closer to providing them with the fair pay and decent working conditions they deserve,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President.