Thursday, August 03, 2006

Roadway Sends Another Prestigious Group to National Truck Driving Championships

Roadway proudly
announced that 27 of its best and safest professional drivers will compete
at the 69th National Truck Driving Championships August 15-19, 2006 at the
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. The American
Trucking Association sponsors the event.
"We are proud of the 27 state champion drivers that have demonstrated
their dedication to safety, professionalism and driving skill not only in
competition, but every day in their professional lives," said Mike Smid,
President and CEO of Roadway. "I'm looking forward to watching these
leaders of our industry compete in New Orleans and wish them the best in
their quest for the national championship."
To compete, each driver achieved first-place honors in state-level
truck driving championships. The competitions include challenging driving
skills, maneuvering tests, pre-trip inspections and a written examination
covering vehicle operation and federal safety regulations. The Roadway
state champions represent the best of the best, including 19 previous
winners and three Grand Champions.
This year's state champions from Roadway are:

Name Domicile Class Recognition
Alphonso Lewis Montgomery, AL 3-Axle **
Charles Lucas Meridian, MS 3-Axle Grand Champion**
David Messmer Phoenix, AZ 3-Axle Overall Grand
Champion & Best
Course Champion

Mike Cicalese Kearny, NJ 4-Axle **
Kent Durant Wichita, KS 4-Axle **
Dan Fitzpatrick Elk Grove Village, IL 4-Axle
Ronald (Ron) VanBibber Salt Lake City, UT 4-Axle **

Michael Erick Providence, RI 5-Axle **
Wilson Meier Deer Park, NY 5-Axle
Richard Seigle Chicago Hts, IL 5-Axle **
John Snawder Louisville, KY 5-Axle Grand Champion**

Bob Baker Dover, DE Flatbed **
Jesse Holt Chattanooga, TN Flatbed **

Nick Caiola Kearny, NJ Straight Truck Pre-Trip

Randy DeVault Augusta, ME Straight Truck **
Jack Larson Kansas City, KS Straight Truck
Ben Zadrozny Waterbury, CT Straight Truck Pre Trip

Regnald Ansbach Milwaukee, WI Tanker **
John Kuiphof Grand Rapids, MI Tanker **
Bill MacDonald Bellows Falls, VT Tanker
Glenn Morris Valdosta, GA Tanker
Lynn Springer Portland, OR Tanker **

Dale Cook Lakeland, FL Twins **
Keevin Phillips Trenton, NJ Twins **
Mickey Rafeal Concord, NH Twins **
Myron Randall New Orleans, LA Twins **
Ralph Eisenschenk Saint Cloud, MN Twins

3 GRAND CHAMPIONS: Charles Lucas, Dave Messmer, John Snawder

**Previous Winner
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Teamsters Help Win Moratorium on New Mega-Dumps

Prior to the General Assembly's adjournment for the year, the Teamsters and a coalition of environmental groups succeeded in passing a one-year moratorium on new mega-landfills in North Carolina. The legislation puts a freeze on the controversial mega-dumps, including four landfills in rural, mostly poor communities in
the state that were in the midst of the permitting process.
The new landfills would have made North Carolina the fourth largest,
waste-importing state in the nation and would have left North Carolina
taxpayers facing a massive potential burden in landfill clean-up costs. The
Teamsters and numerous environmental allies, including the Blue Ridge
Environmental Defense League (BREDL), the North Carolina Sierra Club, the
North Carolina Coastal Federation and the North Carolina Conservation
Network, worked together for the moratorium's passage. The effort involved
a "No Mega- Dumps" campaign, launched by the Teamsters and BREDL, to
persuade voters and legislators that Waste Management, Inc., and other huge
waste haulers should not be allowed to dump New York and other states'
garbage in North Carolina.
"This was a fight we felt we had to join and had to win, for the sake
of North Carolina and communities across the country," said Jack Cipriani,
President of Teamsters Local 391 in Greensboro, North Carolina and
International Vice President of the Eastern Region. "This is a quality of
life issue for our members and their communities, who have been hurt by
irresponsible waste hauling and dumping schemes. Studies show that working
people and people of color are disproportionately hurt by waste facilities.
The short-term financial gains pale in comparison to the potential
pollution, traffic, and costs these facilities create. We applaud the
Assembly for refusing to mortgage North Carolina's future in return for
pennies from the waste industry. Now decision-makers can step back and
consider the real pitfalls of dumping New York trash in our beautiful
Cipriani said, "The Teamsters will continue to raise awareness in state
legislatures and municipal bodies of the need for better regulation and
oversight of landfills, transfer stations, and other waste facilities."
The "No Mega-Dumps" campaign included a billboard bearing the message,
"I Don't Love New York Garbage" and a web site where voters could contact
their state legislators to demand the temporary moratorium.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

YRC Worldwide CEO Establishes 10b5-1 Trading Plan

YRC Worldwide Inc. today announced that Bill Zollars, Chairman, President
and CEO of YRC Worldwide, has adopted a stock trading plan ("the plan") in
accordance with Rule 10b5-1 of the Securities Act of 1934. Mr. Zollars'
plan is a component of his overall tax and financial planning strategy that
is designed to provide enhanced diversification and liquidity.
Rule 10b5-1 enables corporate officers and directors to establish stock
trading plans for the orderly sale of predetermined amounts of securities.
Such plans may be initiated only when the officers and directors are not in
possession of material, non-public information. The rule allows individuals
adopting such plans to sell shares over a specified amount of time, at
specific prices in the future, even if subsequent material, non-public
information becomes available to them.
Under the provisions of Mr. Zollars' plan, up to 104,465 of the 154,465
stock options he currently holds may be exercised and sold. Mr. Zollars'
beneficial ownership of 213,058 shares of YRC Worldwide common stock is
unaffected. Any transactions executed under the provisions of the plan,
which is effective for approximately five months, will be reported through
Form 4 filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Teamsters: The Union for ABX Air, DHL Workers

More Than 12,000 Workers in DHL System Building Industry Density, Strength

Workers throughout the DHL system are building their union with the Teamsters Union. The union is fighting to ensure that sort workers at ABX Air and DHL have the opportunity to join the most powerful union in the DHL system.
"Industry density matters when seeking a strong contract that protects
workers' jobs and ensures solid wages and benefits," said Jim Hoffa,
Teamsters General President. "As more and more workers throughout the DHL
system become Teamster members they build that industry density and
strength. The Teamsters are THE union in the DHL system."
More than 12,000 workers in the DHL system are already Teamster
members, including workers at DHL sort centers in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Cleveland and elsewhere, ABX Air pilots, drivers at DHL and its ICCs
(independent cartage carriers), and workers at the DHL gateways. In the
package-sort-and- delivery industry, more than 200,000 workers at UPS are
Teamster members and, thanks to organizing agreements the union negotiated,
thousands of workers at UPS Freight and UPS Cartage -- formerly Overnite
and Menlo, respectively -- are poised to become Teamster members.
"We are committed to expanding workers' power and Teamster power in the
global supply chain," said Jeff Farmer, Teamsters Director of Organizing.
"As more workers in the DHL system become Teamsters, their power becomes
"I tell every worker I meet at ABX Air: 'I went through the organizing
process, and you can build your union, and you have the full support of the
Teamsters behind you,'" said Don Schmidt, a sort worker at the DHL gateway
at JFK Airport in New York City.
In addition to DHL and ABX sort workers, the union is fighting to
ensure that all workers in the DHL system have the opportunity to become
Teamster members.

Top Truck Drivers Head to New Orleans for 2006 National Truck Driving Championships

Just days to go before 382 top professional truck drivers from across the United States arrive in New Orleans for the 2006 National Truck Driving Championships set for Aug. 15 through 19 in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The "Super Bowl of Safety" is sponsored annually by the American Trucking Associations.

The competitors are the state champions in eight truck classes from all 50 states. Among them, past reigning National Grand Champions, Mark Dietsche (FedEx Freight, 2003) and James March (Yellow Transportation Inc. 2002) are back to regain their title. Also contending to be the best of the best are current ATA Driver of the Year Jim Wilcox (Yellow Transportation Inc.) and a current Captain of ATA's America's Road Team, Ralph Garcia (ABF Freight System Inc.).

Collectively, this year's contestants are the safest ever in the 69-year history of the National Truck Driving Championships. They have rolled up more than 550 million accident-free miles in their big rigs -- a career average of 1,444,000 accident-free miles for each.

In their respective classes -- from 18-wheeled five-axle sleepers to tank trucks to twin trailers to straight trucks (and more) -- they will compete for four days, challenging their driving skills and knowledge of safety, equipment and the industry. The skills course includes obstacles that simulate day- to-day challenges like an alley dock, a rear and/or front line stop, a scales stop, a right or left turn, parallel parking and straight line driving through a diminishing clearance.

When it's all over on Saturday, Aug. 19, the United States will have a new National Grand Champion Truck Driver, individual champions in each class and a state champion team.

The NTDC annually attracts more than 2,000 cheering friends, family, colleagues and interested spectators, matching the atmosphere of a small college football game. All indications show that 2006 in New Orleans will be no different.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YRC says July results support growth projection for 2006

YRC Worldwide Inc. today said July’s report on less-than-truckload tonnage at its Yellow Transportation and Roadway subsidiaries support the company’s projection for low single-digit growth for 2006.

The Overland Park transportation company said tonnage was up in July at Roadway but down at Yellow from a year ago.

YRC, in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, said its Yellow unit is continuing to work through customer mix issues but that its tonnage trend is consistent with expectations for July and the third quarter.

Last week, YRC reported second-quarter earnings per share of $1.62, the highest ever for the company. For the third quarter, YRC expects to earn between $1.70 and $1.80 a share. For all of 2006, the company forecasts earnings of $5.65 to $5.85 a share.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Leo Suggs of UPS Freight to Retire

Leo Suggs, the president of UPS Freight, has announced he will retire at the end of this year and effective immediately will devote the next five months to a broad service quality initiative at the national trucking concern.

UPS has named Gordon Mackenzie, most recently the senior vice president and chief operating officer of UPS Freight, as president. Mackenzie had held the position of chief operating officer since he joined Overnite Transportation in 1996. UPS acquired Overnite in August of 2005 and subsequently rebranded the unit as UPS Freight.

Before joining Overnite, Mackenzie served as senior vice president and chief operating officer of Preston Trucking Company Inc., from 1993 to 1996. He also held various executive positions with Standard Trucking Company, Ryder/PIE Nationwide, Inc., and Transcon Lines, Inc.

Suggs, who has devoted almost 50 years of his life to the trucking industry, was named the chief executive officer of Overnite Transportation in 1996 and has been instrumental in Overnite's transition to UPS Freight. Prior to joining Overnite, Suggs served as president and chief executive officer of Preston Trucking from 1993 to 1996 after having worked previously in various executive positions at Yellow Corp. and Ryder/PIE. Suggs began his career as a warehouseman while in college in North Carolina.

"Leo Suggs played a pivotal role in building Overnite into one of the four largest less-than-truckload carriers in the United States and he stayed on board with us to ensure a smooth integration and continued growth," said Mike Eskew, UPS's chairman and CEO. "The addition of UPS Freight bolstered our service portfolio and we expect Leo's contributions during the balance of the year to help us further grow the business and serve our customers."

Jack Holmes, a senior UPS manager who headed the UPS Freight transition team, will replace Mackenzie as senior vice president of operations at UPS Freight. Holmes has 27 years of experience at UPS.

Holmes began his UPS career in 1979 in West Chester, Pa., as a part-time employee. He became a package car driver in 1982 and was promoted to management in Philadelphia in 1983. He served in various operations, engineering and safety assignments in Alabama, Georgia, Utah and in the Chicago area before accepting his current position in 2005.

Teamsters Gain Greater Union Power at USF Bestway

Locals in California Sign Up New Freight Members

A unit of 28 USF Bestway workers at the Modesto, California terminal have become the newest organized workers at Local 386 and the first unit organized under the Teamster card-check neutrality agreement with the company, which was ratified on July 2. The dockworkers, line drivers and city drivers in the West will be organized through the Master Bestway Agreement card-check neutrality clause negotiated in the Southwest and the Southeast.

Workers signed cards to form a union for increased job security, seniority rights and improved pension benefits.

"I used to be a Teamster and it feels great to be one again after our three-year battle to get people together," said Terry Toler, a 12-year local city driver and committee member in Modesto. "The card-check neutrality paved the way for us to have a voice at the table."

Teamsters will be working to organize additional USF Bestway locations that are nonunion within the coming months.

"I am excited to welcome these courageous workers," said John P. Souza, President of Joint Council 38 and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 386 in Modesto. "Since we have card-check neutrality, this is just the beginning of our push to organize USF Bestway workers."

The Freight Division represents the interests of more than 80,000 Teamsters members from approximately 238 local unions. Freight employees include truck drivers, dockworkers, mechanics, and office personnel.

ABF Implements Network for Expanding Next-Day and Second-Day Service

ABF Freight System,Inc., has implemented a regional transportation network to facilitate next- day and second-day delivery in the Eastern United States. Called the Regional Performance Model, or RPM, the network features enhanced flexibility and operational efficiency for short-haul freight transportation.
The RPM network creates additional next-day and second-day service that
reduces ABF's transit for nearly half of the available tonnage moving
within its boundaries. The RPM network also adds increased reliability to
ABF's current next-day and second-day service offerings. Operational
procedures introduced with the RPM network also free resources, creating
increased reliability within ABF's national line-haul network, even though
the networks operate in parallel.
"Tight capacity and evolving logistical standards mean customers are
looking for reliable solutions for all of their shipments, including
regional freight," says ABF President and Chief Executive Officer Bob
Davidson. "Customers from Maine to South Carolina will automatically get
consistent next-day and second-day service for regional freight simply by
choosing ABF as their carrier -- no special designations, no gimmicks. They
get the rapid response and dependable delivery they need from a regional
carrier, plus the flexibility, supply chain visibility, careful cargo care,
attentive customer service and reliability they've come to expect from ABF.
"Our Regional Performance Model runs side-by-side with our
best-in-class long-haul network allowing our customers the convenience of
one carrier that handles their regional, inter-regional, and long-haul
freight. We're simply walking and chewing gum -- simultaneously running
regional and long-haul networks. The separate over-the-road networks are
invisible to customers, who will benefit from common pickup, delivery,
sales and customer service capabilities," Davidson added.